when you die..

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  1. when you die... what do you think really happens to your body / spirit / soul / w,e

  2. Our consciousness is energy that enters the fourth dimension which is, "heaven".

    There is no such a thing as Hell. It is something created by Christians... scaring you into religion. If there is a God who loves us so much, why would he inflict so much pain that comes with eternal burning? I do believe that there is a God or a creator. The universe is too... awesome (for lack of a better word) to be created by a "big bang". If there was a "big bang", it was created by the creator. As far as the fourth dimension, I believe it is a place for our consciousness to reside after we've passed. So "time" can't be labeled as the fourth dimension. I also believe "time" is something that humans have created. If you were born in space, how could you measure "time"? Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury all have different times if you are measuring the rotation of one of these planets.
    Religion was only created to hide the truth about our true origin.

    I wrote this at http://www.wellstonforum.com/4d/

  3. Most of what you said I agree with to a certain degree; however, if I may play Devil's Advocate for a moment:

    If God loves us why would he inflict pain on us (enternal pain)? There's two acceptable answers to explain this one is simply that God must know what's he's doing and he has a reason beyond our comprehension. (I think this answer sucks personally).

    The other is that he gave us free will totally, in life and in afterlife. We choose to go to Hell by living immoral lives. God loves us so much he lets us do whatever we want.
  4. when you die, you die. period.

  5. Agreed. Your body decomposes, your mind or soul just ceases to exist.

  6. Your mind ceases to exist, but our consciousness remains as an energy or ascends into the fourth dimension. What if humans were created for a dying alien race. Our body houses their consciousness. The small percentage of our brains we actually use, is me and you and everyone else. The rest is their consciousness.

    Happy tokin!
  7. Originally posted by Zylark
    when you die, you die. period.


    but it would be a nice comforting thought that somehow pure consciousness remained and you got to float of and explore the universe.

    but more likely,
    when you die, you die.
  8. When you die, the lights go out.
  9. Well I'm a Christian so y'all already know what I think.

    And God doesn't inflict Hell on anyone. Heaven is simply a place that those who accept God's love are allowed to enter. After Armageddon everyone's souls with have to go somewhere. If you have accepted God, then you are rewarded with Heaven. If not, Hell is left for you. Also I believe Hell is less "fire and brimstone" than is believed by most people. I think that it's more symbolic of the agony you will be in. I think that Hell with be more of an eternal emptiness and loneliness from not always having God with you at every moment of every day. It's when he says, "Fine, have it your way and go without me."
  10. If ignorance is bliss, give me agony.

    "Hell with be more of an eternal emptiness and loneliness from not always having God with you at every moment of every day. It's when he says, "Fine, have it your way and go without me.""

    so god is like heroin & nicotine? heehee.

  11. I'd float to Uranus.
  12. I love the way christians (similar with other religions) think that them worshipping their god will let them into heaven. As they are the ones chosen by god.

    I'm sorry, but that sounds like some cocky bastardness to me.

    I'd much rather not decieve myself.
  13. leave my anus outta this.

  14. Exactly. As I said earlier, I think religion was created to hide us from the truth...why we are here and how we got here. I have a hard time believing that we evolved from monkeys or some kind of bacteria that came from the ocean millions of years ago. What if God is an alien? I love talking about this when I'm stoned! I am loaded with theories or what if's!
  15. You can think I'm a cocky bastard if you want, but I don't believe I have been chosen by God. I have chosen to accept his gift, the gift being eternal life in Heaven. The Bible tells me that if I accept the fact that Jesus has saved me and I repent of my sins that I can enter Heaven. God has chosen everyone to be his. You only have to accept that to be saved. I'm not any more special than you are in God's eyes.

  16. Got to admin that's a fantastic marketing strategy. You choose to believe in God and your reward is eternity in paradise.
  17. By the way that remark wasn't aimed at you Inferior. More like at the brilliant economist who came up with the win/win ploy as declara pointed out.
  18. i just waked n baked and this thread is making me think alot now cus im hella high.... i dont personally beleive in any god or hell or heaven or devil..... when u die its over , done, no more..... u dont go to some made up place.............. or do u? i will see when I die..... i will be going to hell:)
  19. When you die you die, but you do live on, spiritualy as in the people who you knew, tought, effected, and made, hopefully. You change history by your actions positive and negative but you will never know. For instance Einsiten lived on, mainly in E=MC2. Sid, uniot, woody and the other long time grasscity members have teached and inspired many they have effected the hobby, no, lifestyle of growing for many of us.

    This is why there is funerals not for the peron who died but the people who were effected by the dead. To realize what good (at leat thats the idea) the person has done in there life.

    My friend brought this up 2 days ago we smoked some tripy shit and he said " YO i think i beleive in reincarnation" I gave him a long ass stoned/grower explination. I said what hapens when a plant dies (MJ was in my mind :D) it dies the cells stop to exist. Unless if you believe in plant heaven. the plant does however live on teh genetics are passed on and swaped (as long as you dont clone) and th plant had a purpose make o2 and make some budz, and hash. All we are is a shitload of cells that just hapen to make us an organism that is smart. But when we die our cells die, wich is us.

    sorry if i rambled :D
  20. I believe we all go to the same place,
    when I choose to believe in an afterlife
    at all. Basically, you make your own

    If anyones read The Lovely Bones, you'll
    know what I'm talking about. Our
    afterlives intersect with other peoples
    afterlives when you both have
    something in common.

    Like say I wanted a field of marijuana
    behind my house. Well then, I'd live
    around other people who wanted to live
    near a marijuana field.

    I don't believe in Hell at all.

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