When you die Nothing happens

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  1. Precisely that.
  2. How many times have you died again? Pics or it didn't happen.

    Seriously though, I hate when people claim they know for a fact that nothing happens when we die or they know there is an afterlife after we die.

    No living person truly knows what happens because they are not dead obviously. There is no way of proving or disproving the existence or lack of an afterlife.

    I personally believe there is something more than just this life, simply because it wouldn't make sense for us to just "be here" for no reason at all. I'm not saying I believe in God, but I'm not saying I don't believe in the possible existence of a "higher" being neither. Basically, I'm agnostic.

    No one will ever know (or not know) what will happen after we die until we do, in fact, die.
  3. Thank you for telling me what we all know. However claiming that nobody knows something is assuming there's something that somebody doesn't know, which also assumes you know something.

    I didn't say I know anything, just discuss the idea. :)

    Yes, that's more like it. :D
  4. I smoke a little bit of God in every Blunt.
  5. Death is just the beginning
  6. I get it now!

    Btw, I hope you enjoyed having your way with my mind on that statement you sick and twisted bastard.:p lulz
  7. Ohhh yes. The mind is my favorite plaything. :D

    Also, my idea of Nothing happening when you die also encompasses the idea that we've died multiple times in our lifetime, and never noticed. ;)
  8. Well Part of me just thinks that we are all pretty much just cells and atoms and so forth bonded together when one breaks it just cuts all reactions and nothing happens.

    Then I stop trippin and think then because all these bodily functions are here to let us live (somehow) then just imagine a smash to your skull and just cutting all of it apart nothing would happen.

    Then another part of me thinks that maybe there is more, something after - I do not however believe in most god-based religions because I know there can only be one answer. Do you just start the cycle again? Do you go to some other place? No one knows. However Dead people being revived again after long times and not knowing a thing makes it seem a bit more dull-like.

  9. Rigor mortis happens. Occasionally a necrophiliac will poke you too.
  10. Well, in that case, I was glad to be of assistance then.:laughing:

    I completely agree with you on that. I think that would explain the phenomena of Deja Vu and the mystical dreams we have.

    We would have no solid memory on our new/current brains of our previous lives and would therefore, never be able to know that we actually lived and died before. But it's possible that we could have residual memories that passed over.

    But then comes the question, what is it exactly, that makes a being a being? Is it a cluster of our consciousness or energy that is carried from our previous body over to our next body?

    Could the last few minutes brain activity (after we die) be our consciousness gathering energy to make the jump to the next human being born? :smoking:
  11. The way I like to think of it (just a theory, obviously) is that consciousness is pure energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Thus, we must continue in some form, some dimension, some world, etc.

    It's just cycles, like bicycle wheels. Moving forwards but constantly cycling.
  12. The only thing that happens when you die is your pineal gland releases a dose of DMT, see that just goes to show theres a higher knowledge somewhere, even they knew anything bad is better when your fucked up ;).

    oh ya and you shit your pants.
  13. time only slows down for life. i mean does anyone remember anything before they were born? no. we were just born. its very weird.
  14. We disappear into Brahman.
  15. Richard Feynman always called death his "last discovery." I like that viewpoint.
  16. well obviously something happens, first of all your body begins to decompose, as for you as a spiritual being? youve never died. so u dont know what happens. neither do i of course but there are however people who have "died" for a few minutes before being revived and had weird experiences.
  17. i like that.
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    While i agree with you, I don't want to. I've always had a logical approach to this kind of thing, but I try to stay optimistic. I hope there is something after I die, even though there likely isn't. I just think it will make the whole process easier.

    EDIT: To TheHighRoad... You just blew my fucking mind.
  19. Every new beginning is some other beginnings end, it's a vicious cycle, live it up while you are here!
  20. Where is the bicycle going and when did it start going? Did someone construct and engineer the bicycle or did it exist since the beginning?

    Time as we know it is endless. I think it goes a little deeper than that though. We are constantly trying to make it through whatever comes to us through time, kind of like constantly struggling while still holding firmly to our dear lives. Then we ask, maybe just maybe, we are the controllers of our own time, rather than it being pushed at us we are creating each and every waking moment for ourselves by ourselves.

    Life is but an illusion, but a very cool one albeit that. Only our true selves or minds continually constructing the basis on which we live off of, changing anything that must be changed and keeping what must be kept.

    When you say nothing, nothing means a lot more than just nothing. We go to the core of our being and re-connect to our source, Some say that our spiritual selves go back to where we've all been and drink from a river and within this river is a liquid that allows our conscious minds forget about all of our past lives. This is a requirement to being re-born, and some are chosen to be re-born within drinking from the river allowing them to remember the memories of their past life. That is why there are several cases around the world in which some people amazingly come back to who their friends and family were and are able to recollect what that past being has done. More answers later :wave:

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