when you detect your own party's bull shit

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  1. It happens to me all the time. I'm a as liberal as they come, but I hate how Obama skates around the whole 'are you going to prosecute bush?' issue. He always says "this administration is trying to look forward, not backward." Fuck you, Obama, we aren't stupid- just answer the question and don't talk around it and insult our intelligence.

    Also, apparently the $400,000 pay cap for those CEOs was taken out of stimulus bill the day after they all appeared in court. The day after they were pretending to scold them. Bullshit.

    Democrat, Republican, every other party, are there things like this that you catch about your own party where you see that most of them really are just crooks?

    This is pretty much a 'rag on your own party' thread.
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    that's why any true party affiliation is foolish. Myself i change parties so i can vote in the primaries, otherwise i am an independent. I vote for the person and never along party lines. The disturbing trend i see is in the candidates they parade before us every four years. I mean Clinton was the last one who was even a remotly good choice. They are all the same with a different letter in front and if they are truly different and speaking with a voice of independence like Ron Paul or Mike Gravel they are immediately portrayed in the media as fringe kook nut jobs and dismissed. We have no worthy choices anymore, I'm sorry but Obama is just like George Bush. I know its only been a month but look at the decisions he has made thus far, He's pissed both the supporters on the left (except the hardcore who would never admit it) and those on the right.I mean seriously whats different?

    Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid


    George Bush, Dick Cheney, Carl Rove

    Different people, different titles, none care about anything other than power.​
  3. They're all crooks man. Have you ever read the Constitution? Think about the position you'd be coming from to write it up the way our founding fathers did. They beat the game to the point that they created a new one. The system was designed by people who had already beaten it, the same system designed by a bunch of pot-smoking (and growing) aristocrats who had the balls to say fuck this game ( England) we're making our own. The system was designed to be beaten, manipulated, and risen above. This is the purpose of a system, to be the integrity of the system is to be misled, to do anything short of rise above the system that governs you is to be a slave.
    To the point, our government was created by capitalists, run by capitalists, for capitalists, and it clearly hasn't changed one bit. Look at Madoff, the guy schemed one of the largest corporations on the globe for more money than a whole city would know what to do with, and he was mysteriously and abruptly released from all charges about a month later, can you say payoff?

    /end rant
  4. Amen to that brother. Albeit we have totally different governments I feel the same way.

    Too many voters know absolutely thing about their Member of Parliament, they just vote based on the colour of their campaign sign.

    I could ramble on forever, but nobody gives a shit about Canadian federal politics... and that includes most Canadians.
  5. i'm a republican, and all i have to say is bush, can't stand him, i think he was a terrible president, but i feel it was inappropriate for some democrats to compare him to hitler.

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