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When you can't get smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Reflection Eternal, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. What do you do in long-term situations where you can't get any bud? Say if you moved to a completely new area and consequently you lose all your connects. Do you just substitute with another hobby? I'm currently in that situation and I'm sweating it out so to speak. I found smoking some sheesa(sp?) with my school's hookah crew is kind of enjoyable, but I really miss my favorite plant. :(
  2. I moved 1100 miles from my nearest friend so I just started growing. You could always get a buddy to mail it to you. Use USPS's flat rate envelope for about $4.90
  3. Start growing your own stuff i stopped buying stuff like 3 years ago
  4. hence my name
  5. haha youre in va.. not hard to find bud.
  6. Nah I'm in Tempe, AZ where I'm still surrounded by it but I'm at a 0 tolerance college so growing isn't an option and smoking is very difficult on campus. About sending shit through the many people have done that is that really the best idea?
  7. This is what I did when I transferred colleges. I took up smoking cigarettes. I started talking to other smokers on campus and after a week I knew of two people that could hook me up. I've since found a good reliable honest hookup and quit smoking cigarettes. It worked for me, give it a shot.
  8. mail order marijuna

    thats been brought up here plenty.. usually gets closed because you shouldnt discuss

    most people will say dont do it or something like you gotta be stupid to do it..

    they say that because they dont know shit...

    thats all i got to say ;)
  9. thats a good idea! I'm not in that situation, but i'll keep it in mind if I ever need to! :D
  10. yea I'm in a similar situation but it's a tad different. i like to smoke but it's more enjoyable for me in a group or duo than by myself, which is also good for when you dont have any ;). so basically around campus here i just spotted somebody that looked like a weed smoker and asked him if he smoked. the answer was a resounding yes and off we went to toke it up. asking never hurts!
  11. Get used to not having it once you can do without it at will your the one in control.
    Just get used to waiting. :p
  12. if you cant get the chron, drink...

    woot 666 posts ahaha
  13. yeah just take up drinking

  14. thats my plan, possible DT for a job => bottle of jack daniels
  15. dam, in Tempe chronic is like $20 a gram or $50 an eighth (some people might sell $25 sacks idno i moved away from there a while back). commersh is like $40 a half ounce though lol.
  16. i remember once a few years ago there was a hardcore weed shortage for like months. fools were sellin zips of dirt weed for like a bill! it was a bad time to say the least. one day me and a buddy found a litttle blunt roach behind toilet (soaked in whatever you can imagine) he lit it up and almost fell out. when he passed it to me i knew damn well i shouldn't have hit it but i couldn't leave him hangin. it tasted like what i'd imagine carpet to taste like if you smoked it. you're in a way better situation, there's weed to be had you just gotta go out and get it. make some new friends, hit a party or two. good luck

  17. this man is a Genius
  18. I smoke Black and Milds, and sit in my corner and cry =(

    But honestly tho, in NYC, its impossible to not be able to get bud. If someone ain't selling it on one corner, all you gotta do is walk to the next corner. There is somebody always looking to sell a 20 sack to someone in harlem.

    I took it for granted, cause when I went to florida a few times, I expected all places to be like this, marijuana for sale on every street corner =( You should have seen my face in shock when I could not find bud... I was shocked, it didn't make sense to me.
  19. Tempe has some pretty kill bud. It comes from the rich kids in Scottsdale...
    Go to Mill Ave, you WILL find SOMETHING.
  20. find that guy with a pot leaf on his cell phone, ask him. thats what i did anyways, just keep an eye out for a stoner type guy.

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