When Would You Expect To Get Smell?

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  1. As title would suggest when you expect to start getting a smell from your plant/s? I'm at 3w2d and when I walk into my grow room it stinks already. Is this normal? I'm still on a veg cycle, and will be for another 2 weeks. Does this mean by the time I get to flower its gonna stink even more? Plus does the smell indicate what bud it is as I'm on bagseed? I'm getting a very strong lemon/sour smell.
  2. Fairly normal, it will stink way more in flower tho. But the smell is easy to mask in veg
  3. Those bigger plants I posted on my thread stink already I post pics of them here .. Its pretty faint but you can still smell and tell its MJ more like fresh plants tho to me.. But my wife says they smell like mj . I'm probably going to toss them out

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  4. I've got them in little Gatorade bottles Lol because they are bag seed I don't really care more or less just wanted to practice on them before I got my autos my dad ordered from attitude

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    I have 4 different strains going right now. The ak-48 and el dorado have smelled since about week 3, the other 2 a week or so later started smelling too.

    Started flower 16 days ago and the smell has easily doubled. I have very good air flow with a fan pulling all of the hot air out of the top of the closet and into the attic through a carbon filter. I have noticed that the smell is less when the temp is lower.

    Good luck and happy growing.
  6. Can u post pics
  7. 1371045748661.jpg

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  8. Looks good my man !! What the wattage on your lights and how many do u have
  9. 1371050251279.jpg well this is where I'm at and its stinks as though I've got about ten plants lol. So if it gets stronger I think I may have issues lol although my grow room is outdoors at the top of my garden
  10. Yes, especially if you are growing sour D like I am. Mine are only 10 weeks old and they are stinkin up a storm. When they flower, The nighbors are gonna know lol.
  11. I'm sure the bud I got this out of my man said it was lemon haze hence the lemony smell
  12. It looks good man .. Yours is only like a week older than mine and look how small my two are .. But mine are both dwarfs so that might make a difference
  13. It is pretty normal, especially if your exhaust isn't good enough, but it usually doesn't smell like good weed in veg, it just smells kind of like plant life. If you are having a problem now in veg you are really going to need help when they start to bud in flowering. 
  14. Agreed !! Ona blocks I've read are cheap and from what every one says they work great.. I was reading on a forum that u can can soil moist crystals and a bottle of ona concentrate pour the soil moist crystals I. A bucket and pour the ona concentrate into the crystals .. There's a thread on here somewhere .. But the guy said the soil moist crystals you can get at like home depot and the ona concentrate you can get at your local hydro shop. I think that's what I'm going to do .. Or make your own carbon filter
  15. Both should be fairly inexpensive considering I'm broke and just lost my job I don't really have any budget at the is point
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    i had a smell at 17 days basicly it will smell just before flower well mine did and it just gets worse and worse as time goes on untill you have smoked it all lol :)
    ona blocks work for about 1 maybe 2 weekd then its just weedy ona smell if you want rid of the smell try a carbon filter get rid of all of it
  17. I'm thinking I might have to switch to flowering a week early lol I'd rather wait till I'm 5 weeks veg but if its smelling this much now its gonna get my whole street wobbly lol I'm hoping cuz of where I live its very windy and its mainly updrafts so the smell will go straight up so far it is only contained inside my shed as its lined with polythene but I'm sure its gonna start leaking out soon. I wish you could send smellyvision pictures lol
  18. Soon my friend soon.. Smell O vision is that far away from consumer release I don't think
  19. I ment that far away .. I think I read somewhere that a electronics company in Japan Maybe I can't remember had one on display . it showed a picture of a like a peach and something else .. And supposedly it smelled just like a fucking peach out of the TV.. Pretty badass

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  20. just get a carbon filter or make one mate takes the smell away but not from the grow just ya exaust will smell weed free :)

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