When Would You Change Light To 12/12

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  1. As title would suggest

    Ignore autos for obvious reasons

    From seed after how many weeks veg would people tend to change from 18/6-20/4-24/0 down to 12/12 and would you do it progressively.
    For example say you start as I did and germ'd outdoors in a small plant pot with an upturned bottle as a green house. while this was happening I half set up my indoor space with my cfls. Once that was done I brought my baby indoors and started the lights on 16/8. after 5 days switched to 18/6, after 7 days went up to 20/4 and for last 7 days Ive been on 24/0. which I'm leaving it at for another 10 days.
    Once this is done I will be dropping my cycle back down in reverse order for equal days. My aim is to recreate as much as possible the natural light cycle of the earth as to lower stress and maintain a healthy plant. Now my question is, is there anyone else that does this or do people go from 18/6 or 24/0 (what ever you have your light cycle set to) and drop straight down to 12/12?

    I'm i by doing it the way I am wrong? Or, does it not really matter?

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  2. I go from 24/0 right to 12/12 when I switch. To each thier own.

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  3. pretty easy, veg um for 4-6 weeks in 18/6 then 12/12 for 60-70 days if indica..viola!! done
  4. So no real need to work the lights up and down like nature just set them at on cycle then drop straight to 12/12?
  5. The best advice I can think of for flower especially with the cfls is keep it short and wide. Say u had a 5 footer with your cfls on top u might get a foot of good bud on top then the rest of the plant isn't gonna do much at all because of the light penetration. So long story short there was a bunch of wasted time vegging for no gain.

    That being said u could always go with side lighting as an option.
  6. someone correct me if I'm wrong but i believe the seeds will germinate based on moisture and temperature, which could occur at any time in spring. whereas the daylight hours are constant in terms of progression through spring and summer. but the plant may not have even sprouted for a large part of the progression up to summer light hours. so I don't think it would make any difference gradually stepping them up. although it might for down. I'm not sure, though I'm sure it wont cause any harm.
  7. I'm using 2 cfls at the moment and hoping to get my third set up soon. So going on what's been said if I keep 1 on top and hang 1 either side I should be able to get decent light penetration around the whole plant. I'm only aiming for 2ft tall so I'm hoping light penetration isn't gonna be much of an issue. And ill see what happens with stepping the lights down.
  8. you wanna flower at 8 inches tall then they can double or tripple there height
  9. Cool I'm at about 3 inch now was a 4 but i topped soil up so another 4-5 inch and i should be good.

    if we all had a smoke, we wouldn't need war

  10. also id just go 18/6 in veg then flip to 12/12 as soon as its reached optimum heightyou dont stress the plant. also 24hrs of light isnt great as they need that dark time to grow and rest and in flower if auto inknow yours are not auto. butnif they were you want dark in flower as light destroys thc and the plant makes thc at night :)
  11. also few places on eath have 24hrs of light and theae places are genrally cold so not really keeping it naural just saying

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