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When worse couldnt get any worse

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wonton Soup 44, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Just got outta dentist which is a decent drive from my crib. Im lookin to burn. I find perfect spot in the town where my dentist is. Then i drive to quick mart get a $1 lighter. Real happy cuz i scored a dollar lighter. But yet pissed off and ready to spark up. I drive back to spot to realize i left all my shit at home and now im sitting traffic. I mean hey it happens.

    Had to vent sorry GC

    Edit: on a good note im trying to transfer to a college in Cali so i can get my medicine.
  2. That's such a bummer! Nothin you can do but hey think of how AMAZING that herbs gona be when you finally get home.

    you'll like it a lot here in cali :wave:
  3. Medicine for what
  4. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']Medicine for what[/quote]

  5. [quote name='"metalplusweed"']That's such a bummer! Nothin you can do but hey think of how AMAZING that herbs gona be when you finally get home.

    you'll like it a lot here in cali :wave:[/quote]

    Bro its gunna be like going to heaven and coming back :smoke:
  6. Man, with the thread title I thought you were gonna crash and kill your best friend or something.

    Though yeah, it does suck when you accidentally leave your shit somewhere!
  7. Ha! Sorry i couldnt provide what you wanted. If your looking for something like that check your local news :eek:
  8. You're complaining because you had to wait like what, an hour extra to smoke weed?
  9. My God, Chum! That's fuckin' horrendous! How, I mean this seriously...How, in the fuck, did you survive?!:cool:
  10. Sounds like OscarZetaAcosta is smiting you...

    Or its karma for jacking a dub from your homie...
  11. Got my hopes up and they got shut down...Next time mommy takes you to Wally World and they dont let you in. Let me know how you feel
  12. Ad hominem all up in this bitch
  13. [ame=]Mortal Kombat's Finish Him sound byte - YouTube[/ame]
  14. It depends where you are in Cali, but for the most part california's weed is awesome and your gonna love it.
  15. Better find a place to live and you'll need a cali driver license or else you'll be shit outta luck getting your medicine...sounds like its more recreational than medicine for you tho nothin wrong with that....but my god you make it sound like the world was ending cause you got stuck in traffic, WELCOME TO THE GAME OF LIFE
  16. Cali is BOMB. Venice Beach is a stoner's paradise. :bongin:

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