When will weed be legal???

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  1. Alright guys I'm just wondering here, when will more states in the US start legalizing / when will weed be federally legal?!?!?

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  2. As far as I think, federal it may never be. The FDA brings in big bucks for federal.
    The states would have to anoint a revision themselves. Which is what has been occurring.
  3. within 10 years if I gotta throw out a number
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    I have a hard time believing that federally we will see any changes.  MJ HAS to be removed from Schedule 1 for anything to even be considered.
    For what it's worth we will certainly have more and more states legalizing weed and the federal government and play both sides by not changing AND not interfering.  
  5. 10 years... mark my words.
  6. really u think more and more states are going to legalize it and yet it will still remain a schedule 1 drug... wouldnt surprise me actually. the fact that it is still illegal blows my mind. its all these closed minded cunts that still truly believe its a bad thing, and then all of these greedy cunts who know how useful it is and want to keep their pharmaceutical jobs going while they make their money off of sick people
    at least the ignorance seems to be fading a bit.. slowly but surely
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    i hope here in the netherlands it will be legal :cry: instead of semi-legal.. they only criminalise it..
    but spain is close, !!!
  8. I'd like to bet in 5 years, 10 years is GUARANTEED
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    The REAL question is, "When are YOU going to get off your ass and become 1/10 the activist that I am?"

    I WORK to get cannabis legalized every day! Do you ever write a politician? Comment in the news? Do ANYTHING to get cannabis legal, beyond griping at GC?

    OK, to be fair, I am 67 , on social security, and have recently quit working because of my hubby's failing health and other reasons. So I am free to spend hours educating myself and, more importantly, educating others, about what cannabis can do.

    I work on my "Granny Storm Crow's List", adding studies and articles on a daily basis. I comment extensively in the Yahoo News (there are more ignorant people at Yahoo- I go where I'm needed most). I have been a "pen pal" to two imprisoned cannabis activists, and wrote them frequently until their release.

    I don't hold you guys up to the high standards I hold myself. But maybe, could you comment in the news? Get a copy of "Granny Storm Crow's List" (see my sig) and share it with your cannabis-loving friends? But above all, I want you to educate yourselves, so if the time comes, you can say something more intelligent than "Pot is cool, man!.

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    i said 2016...if that shit isnt on the national vote..Im moving to cali. Got my most important friend on board. Its the plan..At that point in life where dealers just wont be around too much longer. Need to make the move which is no problem thank god. or just start the grow op ive made room for.

    We both have family and friends in Cali. so its not like we are going to be strangers.
    ride on! im only 20 years old so im starting to get into it :p i help as a volunteer at the national dutch freedom of cannabis festival  
    help a lil at bulding it up and im the voice at the wheel of fortune tho ;p, baked as f** , im actually working on something with 3 friends
    to start the first coffee shop in the eastern part of rotterdam :) but that is in very early stage but its my final goal :smoke:

  12. you have my vote

  13. Might have to wait for the old fucks in government to die off, but even that's being hopeful

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  14. The machine is insidious.  There will be examples made within 10 years; we will have the first "legitimate" pot death.  We will see the "violent" side of marijuana.  Once Republicans take their seats we are going to have a very different agenda towards 'states rights' which is hypocritical but fully American politics.
    The biggest challenge facing the legalization of marijuana is the Cartel money that floods into politics through dummy corps and non-profits.  Non-profits are one of the most misunderstood organizations and a heavy hand in politics.  In addition, the public domain nature of marijuana is a hurdle for folks like Monsanto and DuPont.
    The question isn't "when" it will be legalized, but in what form will that legalization take shape?  To put it to schedule 3 and only give rights to seed production to companies like Monsanto and DuPont would be more of a travesty than it being illegal.  Because, then instead of over burdening jails with cannabis cultivators and seed sellers, these large companies will just sue everyone into the abyss. 
    You can do 3 years for intent to distribute but can you recover a 500K infringement suit?  That would hobble you for the next 30 years.  That's the danger of fighting for legalization without real regard for what that allows law makers to do.
    Schedule 1 isn't a law, it's an agency regulation.  All laws of congress supersede agency promulgation.  So in 10 years it might be legal, sure, but how will that legality unfold compared to what it is most of us want? 
    Hemp is too powerful a plant to just cut loose on the economy.  The biggest hurdle to hemp production, that most people don't realize, is that you can't find the seeds in large enough quantities to sow real agriculture acreage.  20 pounds of seed per acre, 200,000+ acres necessary to impact the current market.  No one has 2000 tons of hemp seed.  Maybe China, but they can't export their viable seeds. 
    Just out of curiosity, how many of you realize that Meth and Cocaine are schedule 2 drugs, whereas cannabis is schedule 1?  Most people think all "hard drugs" are schedule 1, but really most are schedule 2.  It's kinda funny that schedule 2 drugs include Meth and Cocaine, but also the most distributed drug to children - adderall.
    10 years, but be careful what you wish for.

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