When will weed be legal in America?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by USMC4/20, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. 5 years? 10 years? What do you guys think?

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    when america stops voting republican/democrat 
  3. Probably won't ever be legalized nationally.  The best thing would be for the federal gov't to remove weed from the Schedule I list of illegal drugs.  Then it would be entirely up to each state.
    It would be the same circumstance as prostitution & gambling.  Without a federal law against a thing, the states have all the power to decide whether or not to legalize.  States could then put the issue on the ballot & allow the people to decide, thus giving all the politicians a way out of taking the blame & simply saying they will abide by the choice of the people.
    Since the DEA has gained great power & huge budgets in order to fight the so-called war on drugs; which would be greatly impacted by them no longer enforcing any weed related operations; I doubt they would support the removal from the schedule I list.
    Our best chance of having weed removed from the list will be with Obama, since he is at the end of his political career.  Outgoing 2-term presidents can do whatever they like because they don't need to kiss any ass to be re-elected.
  4. When my dick gets out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, bitchnigga.
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    In my opinion once we see 40+ states legalize recreationally they won't have much of a choice. They're already talking about changing it from a schedule one drug. Yes, I believe more states will legalize recreational use of Cannabis because our government only cares about money and Cannabis will produce huge amounts of revenue if fully legalized. It would be a huge boost for the economy and with more legalization comes more research. Also, all the old people who are brainwashed will be dead and gone so our generation will be dominant lol.
      I think a realistic guess would be full legalization around 2025-2030.
  6. Eventuallyâ„¢
  7. a federal judge is hearing a case for it to be moved from schedule 1 right now. if it leaves schedule 1 I honestly say 10-15 years maximum
  8. When all the old people finally die off.  I've seen so many old people who are just stubborn beyond belief.  They've believed that marijuanna would ruin society their whole lives goddamnit and their not gonna stop now just cause of some pesky "facts and logic".
  9. 2020 is the earliest I see it being medically legal in each state

    2030 for recreational

    I highly doubt it will ever be federally legal
  10. some day the feds are going to get powers taken away. They have abused way too many powers and people one day will get sick of it .
    hopefully we have weed legal before then tho. IF it was legal federally people who were sick could buy 20$ ozs or some cheap price like that.
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    Ten years from now most states will have medical, probably around 10 will have full recreational. It's hard to say - ten years ago, nobody would've thought that in 2014 we'd have 35 states with gay marriage. That movement took off so quickly, and it started with MA legalizing it and showing the world that society didn't crumble. CO and WA have done that with weed, and now let's see what happens tonight in Oregon, Alaska and DC. If we win all three, that's 4 states + DC, making weed legal in Obama and Congress' backyard. We just have to keep the momentum going in 2016, and then there's really no turning back. 
    I wish Obama would legalize it right before he leaves office (deep down we all know he wants to), but that'll never happen. More realistically, he might throw us stoners a bone on his way out the door and reschedule it - I think he knows how frustrated we've been with him on this issue.
  12. I say 2050 you can walk into any 7-11 and buy a pack of sour diesel lights.
  13. I'd say 2040 at the latest.

    Once word gets around that green states are making hundreds of millions and attracting business and tourism other, more conservative states will give in. Plus everyone will see that legalized cannabis doesn't bring the apocalypse.

    I'd say a quarter of the nation will have legal bud in 2020. Half will by 2030 and by 2040 every state will be on board.
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    I think it's going to come a lot sooner than most people think. We just more than doubled overnight.
    I'd say by 2020 a vast majority of states will have some form of medical access. and a good amount (10-20) will have recreational access. Once the majority of states have recreational, the federal gov't will be very pressured to do an all out legalization. I can see this happening sometime in the next decade. 2030 at the latest.
  15. they'll do it before texas, god I hate these red assholes. 
    and just because the old die off dont mean shit, there are still young dipshits that think the same way.

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