When will they pop out?

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  1. It seems I have the worst luck with growing.. any way I planted a seed which has a lil stem because I germinated it.. now its been about 4-5 days under the low watt CFL.. 88F is hottest its been.. normally around 80-84.. how long does it take to sprout?
  2. I started my first grow about 1 an 1/2 weeks ago i put the seeds in a shot glass and sat them in a dark place for a night planted the ones that sunk in the water that was in the shot glass. mine sprouted in 2-3 days they dont need any light till they sprout and in have the lights on 24/0 sence they sprouted
  3. How deep did you plant it? What soil are you using? How was the soil prepared before planting? Is your soil staying moist enough?

    Of course you'll have cut the taproot in half like you've been suggesting to others? :rolleyes:
  4. I'm using scotts.. I made sure it doesn't have anything bad in it.. however what I did notice was the soil was all dried out so I took seed out reflushed the soil and didn't bury the seed as much.. its really close to the surface. If it dries up again should I just keep watering? reason it dried up was because I was gone for couple days and couldn't keep an eye on it.
  5. Ok, it's not mud (which the seedling might struggle through), so the soil probably isn't causing the problem unless you've compacted it down really hard on top of the seed.

    Sadly, it's the good things in Scotts that often cause our little plants problems. If you can pick up some soil without nutrients in the next few days, you could be saving yourself a potential headache in the coming weeks.

    Anyway, it's not stopping the seed sprouting.

    When you say it 'had a little stem', I assume you mean the seed had a little white 'tail' poking out. Saying 'stem' makes me think you might be planting the seed with this tail pointing up, when ideally it needs to be pointing down. It won't stop it sprouting, but it will slow it down a little.

    Seeds should planted 1/4" - 1/2" deep, and lightly covered in soil, which needs to be kept moist until they've sprouted. If you can check them every day, plastic food wrap over the top of the pot will keep moisture from evaporating. Use something a bit taller like a cut-off pop bottle if you're not checking them everyday.

    And yes; if it dries out, water it.

  6. i just checked my two seeds i planted yesterday and the soil around them was dry but the taproots werent shriveled. i watered thoroughly and put clear plastic containers over the pots.

    will they live?

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