When will pot be legalized?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by persondudeguy, Dec 29, 2003.


When will pot be legalized (In the USA)?

  1. In the next 10 years

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  2. In your lifetime

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  3. Eventually

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  4. Never

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  1. When will pot be legalized?
  2. when we have a government that is concerned with america's problem and not world domination
  3. Sometime, but don't be waiting on it.
  4. when new politics from our generation get in power and only then :)
  5. yea my parents said the same things when they were kids dont count on it
  6. ya but are parents generation were totally diffrent then we are now, and i feel pretty sure that when we get up there things will change at least with pot i dont know about other drugs but all i care about is weed. so if any of us make it into congress or goverment remember all your good old grasscity friends. but ya were a totally diffrent generation and we know alot more about weed now. but i cant wait cause somethings guna be diffrent i dont think it will be as gay as it is now
  7. tommorow............I wish!

  8. thats the last gen thought.

    complacency like that means it wont happen.

    the power hungry get into power.
  9. I think we should stop thinking about when it will happen, and make it happen!

  10. Right on! Right. On.
  11. The Great Gangja will be legalized as soon as we get a full military of blades that slowly take over the entire united states just to legalize our bud. We would then not proceed to take overthe world because we would all be getting blazed out of our minds.
  12. Well, I think that it will be legalized in my lifetime. However, I think that it will be somewhat regulated.

    In order for it to be legalized however, I think a couple things need to happen:

    1. The Gov't to realize just how much $$ they could make on taxing it.

    2. There will have to be a very liberal congress in session.
  13. First off the public's view on marijuana would have to be changed to the thought that it is just like alcohol and more beneficil to the body. Also more research would have to be done on marijuana becuase most research was done in the 60's and 70's during reefer madness and Nixon's era which did poor studies and falsefied their data.
  14. true and on the post by rmlj on the super bowl the latest poll taken by cnn has it at 72% pro for legalization. so apparently were making smaller steps. but yeah it will nead to have to be regulated probabley alot like alcohol and like you said new studies must be done.
  15. I'm a pothead and I mean it in a good way, I love MJ and don't know if I could live without it, but if out shitty govt. made it legel it would prolly suck, more than likely they would tax the hell outta it, and think about it were the "bad guys" and shit in my book I like being the bad guy cuz really were #1

    Gimmie a P!!!

    Gimmie an O!!!

    Gimmie a T!!!

    whats is spell?

    I forgot I'm fucking baked thou!!

    LOL( come on its funny laugh)

  16. amen...some serious mind-set of our government would have to change for pot to ever be legal...think about it, all that stuff we're fed about how bad it is...i know i was afraid to try it until i found the truth and had some people that i trust with me...america is sooooo parinoid. every empire must fall...and we will eventually, no, wait, i'm off subject now...dammit! oh well :)

  17. hey, where in england are you? i'll be there in spring 2005 to study for a semester...that's cool, i'm so excited about it!
  18. we should start an online petition

    and as for america, we are pissing off alot of people and we are going to get whats coming ot us and i really hop ei am in canada or amsterdam when that happens
  19. There is no need to start a petition. We are moving towards it, albeit slowly, but we are. If you look back 10 years, and then look to now, you will notice just how big of a leap we've made..and it won't be long before it hits the polls for us to vote on finally...

    And yeah...as far as the US, the shit will hit the fan...but it's anyones guess as to when it will. Hopefully long enough for my family to get somewhere safe.

  20. never!!! unless we vote for the right people!!!

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