When will plants start to smell

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by eyesgrower, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. High all, I have white widows and bubblegums 2.5 weeks into flowering. I haven't notice much odors from each plant. When do they usually begin to smell?
  2. so i guess it depends on the strain then?
  3. Strain dependant. Exactly.

    Some will stink the whole grow space out the minute they show flower (some even before this) (any of the skunk family!!!) and others have very little odor until they are well into flowering (NL - particularly #9).
  4. Ive got some plants only 8" high with only about 3 sets of good leaves and they STINK already. Shit i can't imagine what they will stink like when they are 4' high...wowza.
  5. my plant stunk alot when they were babies. but after the males were removed, the odor became alot less.
    Just wondering if I am doing anything wrong. Does anyone who grew Nirvana ww and bg have any inputs on this?
  6. I've heard numerous comments on plants that smell for bit in seedling/early veg, then lose it, then get it back into flowering.

    What it comes down to is this...

    This will happen. It just does.

    Smell is a reliable indicator of NOTHING! *lol*

    I'm waiting for a breeder to breed the odor stealth plant and then cross it with Wallyducks Duckfoots for the ultimate stealth grow wherever you are.

    A webbed NL#9.

  7. ^^^^^^
    Very nice indeed, you ever talk to wallyduck over at OG he grows that shit and it looks amazing!

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