when will plant show sex????

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  1. Its nw day 42 from seed and my plants still havent shown there sex,could someone tell why not or if its still too early yet???
  2. Is it 12/12 ?
  3. No not yet still vegging..why is that what ive to do for them to sex??
  4. Or show sex lol..
  5. I heard after 6-8 weeks of vegging .. it'll show sex maybe. :x
  6. if your growing outside you just have to wait. If you're growing inside switch to 12/12.
  7. Yea thats what ive been told after like 30 to 40 days it should show sex,well that aint happend yet..think i mite just swicth to 12/12 see how i get on ive being vegging long enough now i think!!the plants are half the size of my tent already and was told they double in size when flowering...
  8. You did veg for over a month .. so its fine to Flower but remember .. the height might double or even more!

    12/12 and use 2700k light bulbs.

    Turn off the lights for a full 24HR and then go 12/12 !
  9. Yeah im gonna do that straight away..ive only one 250w clf bulb for flowering,,was told thats perfect for two plants in a small tent!!
    Thanks for ur help dude i will update in a week or two with pics and show...
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    First off, a plant will double to triple in size when it goes into flower. Don't forget about the smell! Although most if not all of us love the smell. Others might not, like parents if you live with them, landlords/roommates er whatever. And is your cfl 250 actual watts or replacement? When using cfls you go by the actual wattage instead of the replacement. General rule to follow is 100 watts for the first plant and 50 for each additional one.

  11. A plant will not show sex untill its way into 12/12 in flowering stage. Autoflowers show sex on there own without regard to the light.

    Basically what happens is a hormone in your plant builds up day after day of being in 12/12 then eventually pop you will see the sex of your plants.

    I would suggest reading up some. The stickies are a great source.

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