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When will my edibles kick in?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ak123456, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. When will my edibles kick in? I bought some taffy from a friend (I actually spent 30$ and got several) and ate one over an hour ago and just feel a mild buzz. Last time I got high off edibles, it was 1/4 of a cookie and I couldn't even walk up the stairs! What's up? Should I eat another or wait awhile longer? I don't want to make myself sick but I'm barely high.

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    I've had some where they take about 2 hours and some where they take 45 mins.... Eat another one :D

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    I always make my own edibles. I tend to make them too strong. Make you forget your own name stoned.
    I like edibles more then smoking.
  4. about 45 minutes to hour 
  5. Update: they sucked and I was just a little buzzed all night. Live and learn.

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  6. Eat them all
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    Did you eat before taking them? For edibles it's important to have them on an empty stomach. I Usually just wait at least two hours after eating.

    If you did have an empty stomach then that's too bad that they suck. That's one of the problems of buying edibles as opposed to making your own. I bought a $20 soda and didn't even catch a buzz of it.
  8. for edibles for a dealer it is mostly low grade weed to make them if you high grade you make your own (personally I think it is a waste of weed bro )
  9. Most edibles purchased from dispensaries are a rip. No standards. No packaging date, no expiration date, no lot numbers -- damn near anything that is to be packaged and eaten in the US has these features. Was the pot used to make the edibles fresh? Or was it from some pound of dirt weed that no one has wanted to buy and has been sitting on the shelf in the light for a year? You really don't know. Better off buying a gram of hash or some cheap hash oil and DIY.
    I find almost all dispensary edibles too weak and too expensive and often too stale for my taste.
  10. Obviously you dont know but the amount and quality of the weed that was used is a huge factor in how potent they will be. I was buying suckers that where made by a freind of a freind and it took about 3-4 to get really really stoned. If you got several for $30 theres probally not much weed (thc) in each piece

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