when will my baby show me its sex ?? pics

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  1. I know so many ask this but I am starting to get worried . I started this one plant in early april from bag seed that was far from the normal stuff usually available in the entire bag there was one seed and this plant is from that one seed . anyhow . the plant is 46 inchs high and 48 inchs round a real bush I have it in a 8.5 gallon pot and have been using methods and recomendations from this site . it gets direct sun all day from 7am to around 4 pm but I have not seen a hint of sex yet and its now late july I am in the north central mass USA area when will it show me what it is ? PS at night it smells so tasty ! ! ! can anyone help ??
    PS these pictures are the only ones I have at this time and are a little more than 3 weeks old and taken after 3 solid days of heavy rain so the slight yellow is from that otherwise totally healthy

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  2. hey bro can u get any pics of the lower nodes, and do u see any little white hairs coming off the nodes u should know by now what the sex of them is, i started mine same time, im same in the same country, just different state and today they started to flower, finally, but i knew the sex of them about 2 months in when i really started lookin, got a male little balls, then got two hermies white hairs and little balls and then the rest female little white hairs, look for those things to see what u got, and by the way nice greens.
    oh yeah by the way i killed the male and the hermies are in a different location.:D
  3. I check it every day and so far nothing . no little balls . no white hairs. just little leaves and growth at the nodes
  4. Are you tenting it? You should be tenting it every day to give it exactly 12 hours of daylight. But even without tenting your plant it should still be showing some signs of sex. Regardless your plant looks good. Try tenting it to force it into the flowering stage. Hope everything works out.
  5. The gods have smiled upon me ! ! ! last night the plant was stinkier than normal ( SO TASTY ) and just NOW after checking it I have discovered many nodes with tiny little white hairs ITS A FEMALE ! ! I really couldnt be happier looks like it will be producing for me after all ... any suggestions for ferts to increase bud growth ...
  6. congrats. she sure is pretty:)
  7. congrats on the new baby girl :)
  8. I may have spoken too soon what looket like white hairs this morning are now green and just look to be new growth DAMN ! ! ! should I be tenting it ? or will it just do it when its ready ? The only thing I am worried about is my location it stays pretty sunny and warm then just falls off fast temp & light .
    how long do they need to flower to get a good yeild ?
  9. It will flower when it's ready. IMO it's too much trouble to tent a plant. And it will normally take about two months to fully flower. Just keep up what your doing and everything should be fine.
  10. congrats on your baby...

    uhmm mines about the same age as yours.. it just showed about 2 weeks ago..

  11. I have had alot of people say the same exact thing ( there's has just or did a few weeks ago ) and mine still hasnt
  12. i'm very south where it doesn't freeze....
    i had seven, but i eliminated all but one...security reasons
    i understand females are more complex than males, so i used this to guess which one to keep
    i keep roping it back and it keeps branching
    4 big tops on one plant and about 20 minis
    no balls, no hairs
    i also thought that i saw hairs only to see a day or two later it was just new growth
    i started it in march
    lucky for me i can let it go without frost fear
    fingers are crossed!(for both of us!)

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  13. What I did to force flower it
    I got a large box and i put my plant in it every night and take it out every morning!

    and she flowered.

    heres some pictures :D



    Hope it works out for you !
  14. well it finally showed what it is and ITS A FEMALE ! ! ! with out a doubt little white hairs litterly the size of a human hair are starting to pop out everywhere ( huge sigh of relief ) now my question is ... is there a special fert or procedure I should be doing to insure good yeild and quality ?? any help will be appreciated
  15. you should use anything with a high phophorous <-- not sure about the spelling.

    i am using a Presidents Choice Plant Food 15-30-15

    seems to be working pretty good for me.
  16. awesome congrats!
  17. Jesus I have created a monster if you look at the first picture I have posted that shows the recliner in the pic . ever since I noticed the pre flowers / flowering pistils it has just taken off in size it is now 10 inchs above the top rail of the railing and got so bushy I had to remove the recliner and it now takes up almost the entire space between the grill and the outside railing . and the little plant is almost 2 foot high in a matter of 2 weeks damn whats going on !!!
  18. They r outdoors and all roughly 5ft. 2 hav balls the other 3 pistils. They r too close together, I know, but They showed their sex kinda late. Should I just hack the males and if so can i do something with them? I know I have to do something quick! suggestions Please!:confused:
  19. if you start your own thread then i am sure you will get a better response:wave:
  20. Definately cut your males as soon as you can. or else you'll have seeds. i promise its not worth growing your males, you can't even smoke them

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