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When will I be clean

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Msdiana21, Jun 29, 2019.

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    If I use to smoke heavy from 2008-March 2019 but then in April quit for 3 weeks. Smoked again but not heavy but frequent and no more than 2 grams a week for 2 weeks. Quit for 2 weeks, smoked 1.5 gram over the weekend for 3 weeks quit for another week and now just took a couple puffs of 26% THC. When should I be clean if I stop today (6/28/19) at the couple of puffs? Just to add, in Apirl I started doing cbd (ranging 11-17% per 1.5 grams to 2 grams) and thc ( sometimes no more than 7% per 1.5 gram to 2 grams). Transefering to a better job, wanted to know if anyone might know.
  2. Nobody can tell you that. Everybody's body is different and processes the detectable metabolites at different rates. You offen hear people say 30 days but that's pretty general, more of an average maybe. Some are clean in weeks and as you'll see by threads on here, some take months.
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  3. It really depends on how often you excercise what food you eat how often you smoke and how much b vitamins you take...someone who is very active and eats well could be clean much faster than someone who sits around eating junk all day..I've seen people clean in just over a week from smoking every day to someone failing after a month

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  4. I was told that when you exercise it just makes the toxin release faster into you bloodstream which is not always good. I lowered the amount of thc that I was using so was hoping that would help too with me taking time off between each use.
  5. That's not good when the test is close. If you have time than exercise. Lay off a couple days before the test
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  6. We have users reporting fails at 90 days so the new "Clean" recommendation is 120 days.
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