When will buds start to fatten??

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  1. Currently on my first grow. I’m about 5 weeks into flower. Buds are looking small. I’m growing in a tent with a 600 w led using ffof soil. Wondering when they will start to fatten up !?!? Please anyone with experience please let me know so information about the stage I’m at

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  2. what strain is the plant? bud usually fattens up in the last few weeks ,,so i wouldnt worry to much plant looks healthy ,,you could cut down a bit on the N in your feeding, that may help the buds fatten up ..mac,
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  3. What brand led is it?
  4. 600W - about 126W actual.. From the looks you have a 3x3 or 2.5x2.5 tent.. I would get a minimum of 240w actual

    what brand led?
  5. Your plants are healthy. I agree with mactheman that you need to cut back on the nitrogen.
    I looked up some pics of my past grows so I could compare the bud size at 5 weeks with yours - and yours are small - probably caused by not enough light.
    Good luck.
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  6. to be honest it’s a cheap led off amazon. Philizon or something.
  7. Well it’s been 5 weeks since I flipped lights. It took a week before she even showed sex
  8. I def need to cut back on nitrogen . From the feeding schedule I followed toldme to feed more nitrogen then I need to I think. Going to cut it back. Thank you
  9. I have autoflowers growing in another tent and it’s buds are a lot bigger. And I have just a 300w led on her.
  10. No idea on the strain. She a bag seed
  11. Your Phlizon 600w is only 108w - not enough for even one plant.
    Consider getting some quality lighting if you are going to continue to grow.
  12. Thank you sir
  13. What brand do you recommend
  14. And also I have an autoflowers 60 day lemon that’s doing great. Buds are fat. And she on a 300w light. Will look into another light. Would like a American made brand
  15. Look into getting HLG Quantum Boards... fairly cheap and very powerful
  16. HLG Quantum Boards - there are plenty of threads about them.
  17. What size light for my 4x3
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  18. Looking into them now

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