When will America's time be?

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    In the "History Since Forever", nothing lasts. No monument, no government, no man.

    I'm not being negative, but realistic: when do you expect the US as we know it, to end?

    I think that at some point, we're all going to implode as a society under the stress of political/economical bullcrap. There will be "state nations" each run by it's own democratically inclined leader, vying for control.

    Or maybe I'm just an anarchist. :D
  2. When America's apathy wears off. So never. I agree with you that it will probably dissolve, but as far as a revolution...unlikely.
  3. Sorry, revloution was not the correct word. One second.

    (Just kinda high.)
  4. a revolution is possible
    the founding fathers put right to bear arms because they knew if the government became out of control the people should also have arms
  5. yea but that was the day when everybody had muskets so people vs the government would be realistic. Government has some high tech weapons these days.

  6. Yeah, seriously. I doubt your handgun's gonna be any competition for the weapons the government has, not to mention they have the ability to wipe out large masses of land at the drop of the dime.

    I don't think there'll be any sort of revolution, but I could picture the US breaking up into different little countries or whatever.
  7. it would take place only in dc so wiping out land wouldnt matter

    basically people trying to garrison important federal buildings

  8. Why would that make a difference? Do you think that because you're in DC they won't blow your brain out for even attempting to revolt? Heh.
  9. never

    a revolution is not possible in America

    they have us by the balls

    and that's how it is going to be
  10. We make up the government, We are the army, the army is ment to protect us and in turn themselves. If the government turned on us im pretty sure it wouldnt be the whole american army we would be fighting.

    Many people who are in the army have families and friends, and if the government told them that they had to stop them from revolting by using force, what do you think the vast majority of them would do???
  11. They have the individual man by the balls.

    If anything I think the multi-billion dollar corporations will overthrow the government, it's pretty much already happening.
  12. This recession will continue on a downfall. Sure, there will be a few good moments here and there, but the economy will crash. China will take over and be the new empire in charge. Probably spread and take Korea fist, India, and Japan until Russia tries to step in. Meanwhile, America will be up for grabs, and China and Russia will have to fight for it, and China ends up winning but by then the once upon a time America will be a huge ghetto overrun with crime and will be worthless to the Chinese now. And this will mark the beginning of the fall of mankind. Who will take our place? It's sad really. We could have got along a little better if we weren't so damn greedy for money, land, and power-- which are just a human fabrications anyhow...
  13. God I wish that would happen.

    Oh what I would do for a world wide free for all, thank god the American Constitution lets me buy pretty much any gun I want. :)

    I'm ready.

  14. I totally agree man. They have us completely by the balls here. We don't have any "rights" really. They are just there to keep the big mouthed idiots quiet while the government runs around doing what they want. Honestly the only revolution I could see happening here is where the government completely takes us over and keeps us under constant surveillance like in the book 1984. Come on you know? Look at the signs. Around here cops are cracking down more so people don't go out and do as much. And one of the higher ranking cops in my city said that. We'll have curfews and they will spoon feed us their bullshit propaganda.

    Sorry...ranted for a second there. I just hate when I see people loosing rights and shit. And that is exactly what's happening.
  15. Sometime between Wednesday and Friday morning probably
  16. Freeptardery aside, America will die along with every other nation at the hands of the Climate Crisis.
    If you want to fantasize about a splintered warring America I recommend checking out the shows Jericho and Kings.
    Jericho is not completely terrible, though Kings I found tolerable for only two episodes, and only that mostly due to Ian McShane and my own fantasies of Al Swearengin as King of America.

  17. Holy shit. You sir, just blew my mind. Kind of Orwellian though, wouldn't you say? :smoke:
  18. Western Civ has been dominant since the times of Rome and Alexander the Great. Eventually another culture will rise and most likely gain control over most of the world. If I had to make a guess I'd say itll end up being China seeing as how fast their economys risen over the past decades. It's not like China will bomb every other country and enslave everyone, but their will most likely be new ways of living and running shit and every one will just look back on our times as ancient history.

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