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when weed is legalized

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by srhs, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. alright two questions.

    do you think weed will be more or less expensive when its legalized? because people say that they would tax it alot, but then they say it'd be cheaper than right now.

    and do you think you'll like it more or less when you have a set price and you're not dealing with a dealer who may rip you off, or hook you up with more?
  2. It will be similar to that of the dispensary prices most likely.

    I think it'd be great always knowing what strain and its dominance ahead of time. It would make everything a lot better, but I don't want it to happen until I turn 21 because it will be much more regulated and harder to get then.
  3. no...dealers take advantage of the fact that no one can advertise their price well so competition rarely lowers the price
    also the risk of getting caught raises the price
    once it's legal everyone will be able to find out were the cheapest weed is and other stores will be force to lower their prices to compete
    keep in mind that weed isnt that expensive to grow
    at least it will be consistent
  4. think of it like fast food... mcdonalds has the dollar menu, so every other fast food restaurant is forced to have a dollar menu or 'value menu' to keep in business. selling marijuana legally will just be a huge business loaded with tons of competition.. once one dispensary sells buds for cheap, the others will be forced to sell them cheap as well to stay in business.
  5. I think weed would be cheaper and more potent. Competition and stuff. There would also be more deals and stuff like that.
  6. I have a feeling weed will be packed to the brim with fillers and other chemical agents, what have you. FDA would mix THC with dirt and put some blueberry artificial flavor in there to make you think you got some bomb shit.

    If it's ever legalized, I am going to fill every square inch of my land with pots/soil, and live in my own weed jungle.
  7. If weed is legal, I'll grow my own or buy from someone who grows their own. If dispensaries open up, I'll buy from there. It probably won't end up like tobacco where it's covered with chemicals but if it is, I'll be doing what Lokio is.
  8. It's inevitable. If companies have to compete with one another for business than you will not be buying the natural, smooth high end weed you could just grow yourself.

    Fast food, for example, uses preservatives in their food to make their food appear fresher after longer periods of time. FDA allows McDonalds to put butane in their mcnuggets (yes, butane, the stuff in your lighter) as long as it doesn't exceed .02% of the total ingredients use.

    If weed is legalized and sold commercially, it will be tampered with, guarantee it.

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