When weed is federally legal, do you think cops will smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bamboobam, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I think that they won't at first (especially narcotics cops. Lmfao) They will start little by little and eventually they all will smoke.

  2. Cops already smoke.

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  3. Yea, the corrupt ones. I mean the really scared cops that fear they much always follow the law.
  4. Cops prefer unmentionables in powder form. Trust me!
  5. When alcohol became federally legal, did all cops start drinking? 
    No I don't think they'll start to smoke. Legal or not, it's not for everyone. 
  6. Yea, I get what you are saying.
  7. lol duh

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  8. The ones that want to, smoke now ! The only difference is, they will be much more "in the open" about it.
  9. Iv gotten high drunk and stupid with a cop before. We were 4X4 driving though farmers fields shooting wildly like a bunch of rednecks.
    When he became chief I got a free pass on my activities as long a I did not do anything stupid to attract attention.
  10. Weed wont be federally legal in our lifetimes

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  11. I can't see it being used like alcohol by all cops, but I would bet a decent handful would. Hell, like others have said, there's quite a few out there who already partake. There are a lot of 'closet' stoners, some careers kind of force you to be.
  12. My dads a cop and he will never smoke
  13. eh, i think even if federally legal theyd still have rules that you couldnt smoke. you know, for "safety reasons".
  14. Exactly. That is one profession that will still be tested undoubtedly. Obviously some cops do smoke, but I don't think that number will change much if it does become federally legal because of the testing.
  15. may even diminish the number of smoking cops if they decide to ramp up testing in response to legalization.
  16. Some will and some won't, a lot will be too pissed off that they actually have to do some work and bust some real criminals.

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