When weed doesn't do it for you anymore.

Discussion in 'General' started by Dutchmaster617, Aug 16, 2012.

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  2. Do it for you as in you just don't enjoy it anymore? Quit and move on with your life. When it doesn't get you very high anymore? Smoke better weed and more variety.
  3. Smoke less often, I only smoke once or twice a week because I find it's such a beautiful thing in moderation.
  4. upgrade to some hash
  5. Subtract a session in a day.....
    or two.
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  7. I wanted to mention that, but the weed gateway drug is such a stereotype;)
    Not to mention no recreational drug is nearly as healthy as cannabis if used daily.
  8. By hash do you mean something else? :D
  9. I think he thinks hash as hash.

    Tolerance break, what else. Or just a break. At one point you might find that its time to start smoking again.
  10. sometimes i feel like i dont like weed..i dont know why maybe just some experiences are good some bad.
  11. Think about why you started smoking in the first place.
  12. lemme ask my friend lucy what she thinks ;) but really doesnt do it for you anymore? smoke less
  13. if you are getting burnt out, take a T-break.
    buy a new piece?

    cut down on the amount you are smoking.

    if you cant get stoned,
    switch to dabs
  14. I suck dick for rock
  15. Either start dabbing it up or take a T-Break. But my vote is for dabs dabs dabs get faded my man.
  16. Your burnt out...either take a break and start again when you want to...or
    drink alcohol...
    Once you open the gateway though...there is no going back, unless you take the long way through rehab lol
  17. stop smokin it if it doesnt do anyhing for you its all a bit pointless if your not gettin stoned
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    Well, give shrooms a go deffinetly, iv had 2 very good experiences with them and it was absolutely wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more psychedelic then cannabis and it teachs you more, its a bit hard to explain, if you can think about everything in the world on mushrooms and rember those thoughts, you would have the answer to life hAhaha

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