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when was your first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SheToker, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. How old were you when you first tried weed and what was your experience like
  2. I'm pretty sure I was 14.. smoked joints with a friend and his friend in the basement of a house under construction at winter, so it was on stand-by.. got high, enjoyed the experience. I remember talking about how everything is funny to talk about, even ham.
  3. first time was whan I was 18 years old in the middle of a forest, out of a pop can...bit of a late bloomer!
  4. Oh yeah my first time I was 13 or 14 don't really remember and it was with my older cousin who already smoked for a while and we played super Mario bros and ate angel food cake it was pretty good but I really got high a while later at night on a trampoline and tripped the fuck out because I kept hearing things and this trampoline was in the middle of a feild surrounded by a bunch of trees it's was awsome

  5. same here except i was on the beach. smoked a blunt with a friend who smoked and got me into it. i was high as fuck, no time has compared to the first. people were talking and i thought they were like a mile away yelling, life seemed like a dream, time was goin slow as hell.. wish i could relive it.
  6. was bout 13. i used to live with my aunt and i had 2 older cousins that lived with her, one was like 17 and the other one was about 20. they sat me down one day and told me the "dangers about smoking pot and drinking at parties" like they always did when they figured id be going somewhere that night....yeah right them 2 motherfuckers partyed their ass off and smoked weed and drank, why does this relate to the story?

    anyways, while this is all going on my buddy texts me and says "hey B, want to come over tonight i got something good" not knowing what he ment, because we usualy got drunk over there all the time. so i oblige and my 2 cousins take me over there. before i even got out of the fucking car they were asking me if we were going to be drinking or smoking, i did the ole no were going to play ps2 and chill. i get in his room and there he was with another one of my friends we will call this friend R (im really high right now and feel like im rambling on, but i forgot to mention that the friends house i was at was named T) i sit down and he says the good shit i have tonight is some pot. he packs the bowl. and then says one of you take a hit first, R wigs the fuck out and says something a long the lines of no im not going to im above that come on B dont you agree with me(this kid beleived the DARE lies). i tell him you know what im going to take a hit. i proceed to, R kinda hesitates, and says since B took a hit im going to too, and im sure you can guess where that led lol.
  7. I was 16, and smoked with my 2 buds at the time. First time we smoked that night, I didn't feel shit. Later that night, my friend's sister got some really dank shit for us to try. Smoked out of an inhaler makeshift pipe. Took a massive hit and coughed my lungs out. Next thing I know I teleported to my friends basement watching Scrubs. I laughed at everything, and was completely dysfunctional.

    My friend's friend thought everything was a dream and started freaking out, and ended up getting so scared and told my friend's mom. Pretty much got caught my first time, but she didn't tell my parents. It was the best.
  8. I was 17. A bit late relatively, but I'm happy to be on the wagon!
  9. April twenty sixth nineteen ninety two.
  10. I was 11 and at a sleepover playing board games and my friends brother comes in all blazed and asks if we wanna try and Im like "sure" and I get so messed up.
  11. Sophomore year so I was like... 15 maybe? Or 16, I'm not sure.

    Anyways, me and a senior who was a heavy smoker signed out of class (our teacher didn't care if we left school). He rolled 2 blunts and we smoked in some backyard semi-close to the school, snuck back in ninja style.

    I got lost on the way back, and was paranoid thinking my friend was gonna kill me lol, I had no reason to think that I was just high as fuck, I mean 2 blunts on the first time, shotguns and all.

    It was sooo obvious when we got back to school, the whole building must have smelled it. But its cool, school was almost over so we didn't get caught, plus I don't think any of our teachers really cared.
  12. Tha fuck. So many people started at such a young age. 11 is wayyyy too young. Anything under 18 is too young in my opinion, but I guess if you are gonna try as a minor I would say around 17 or 16 is the age to start.
  13. I was 16. Smoked out of a green apple and ate that fucker! We were in this huge open park inbehinde a school that all the druggies hanged out at and then we got chased by these skaters and I ended up hitting one with my board after jumping fences and running a few blocks.. But I did meet a girl that I would be dating a month later.

    I smoked with a kind exactley 1 year younger then me (we had the same birthdays but I was a year ahead) I think most young kids just do it once or very infrequently for it to have too big of an impact on you.. I didn't really even take a big interest in the Ganja until like a few months ago and I'm just 19.
  14. November 26th 2010 ~7:35 pm. Parents hosted a birthday party for my grandmother. Later that day I texted one of my oldest friends (known him since 1st grade) and he wanted me to smoke. Met up with him and another friend and we smoked schwag out of a clay pipe. I didn't get high but my eyes got red :D Celebrated my 1 year with so many bowls of hash, wax, and dank bud.

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