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when was your first time

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by daggakwagga, May 13, 2004.

  1. hey people i was jsut wonderin when was the first time you ever smoked sweet sweet cheeba.
  2. It was the end of my junior year in High school, my girlfriend and I had just broke up and i really didnt feel like sweatin the whole situation. I called up one of my buddies that I knew that smoked, told him I wanted to smoke and went to his cousins house to roll up. After I blazed my first blunt, we went to the park and played basketball all night. What a night
  3. First time smoking: beleive it or not, 4th grade

    First time getting high: summer before 7th grade

    i know, i started pretty young...:smoking:
  4. Summer going into my freshman year of high school. I smoked w/ 3 of my friends and friend's sister and her bf.
  5. Beginning of grade 10. It was a birthday present from some of my friends. It was a good birthday.
  6. My first time was when I was about 14 or 15. Dont know what grade that should be, the school system is a little different here (Holland).

    Anyway we toked up at a night at my (old) school yard. Man I was paranoid that night... It was love on first sight the sweet cheeba :D
  7. may 14 1986
  8. the first time i ever smoked was in 7th grade.

    first time i got high was summer going into my sophmore year.
  9. thats funny ripped youve been smoking for about my whole lifetime.
  10. first time i smoked was about 2 weeks to summer in the school year in 7th grade..... got high the next week been puffin ever since
  11. Ripped you started smoking 3 days before i was born :)
  12. first time- 6th grade on vacation in Georgia at a basketball court

    first high- 7th grade summer vacation with a friend in my basement
  13. The first time I ever smoked up was when I was a freshman in High School, and I was with a group of friends who were also just newly experimenting with weed like me. We were peeping through the window of a girl we know, and there were two people having sex on couch. It is kind of a stupid thing to do looking back, but were high and foolish. I ran home to get a camera, but when i got back they were done. I remember i was feeling really good. And laughing a lot.
  14. My first was 10th grade sitting on a lawn-mower in my back garage out of a socket wrench with two neighbor kids... It was either that or a tin can... What really got me was when I turned the mower on, holy sh*t.
  15. Back in 10th grade, me and some buddies smoked out of a bong on the side of the street at 2:30 AM. It was great.
  16. I was 16 and it took a whole year before I got my first real high! I mostly smoked hash at that time and did so maybe fifteen twenty times before getting stoned! Anyone else experienced this?

    Now I'm 25 and gettin' stoned all the time;)
  17. i think i was 10 at the time......but, one day, my homies bring me to their backyard well they makin a bong, and im just waitin ya this is in the corner, and the neighbor sees us and shit, but it dont matter, cus she was a crack head and a prostitute ay,ways, lol.......well, wthey so i could only take the smoke left in the bottle after they hit it, and i hit em muthafuckaz like Mike Tyson....they were like "DAAMN, SLOW DOWN"......and we went to sit on the couch in his backyard, and i couldnt breathe well and shit, and they told me i was gonna die and all that.....i got worried but then laughed......

    more happend, but too high to remember........
  18. couple weeks of before my 14th b-day....didnt get high the first, or second times:(
  19. the first time i smoked was in my freshman year of highschool
    me and my friend skipped the first 10 minutes of last class and i took 1 hit in the bathroom

    the first time i got high was about 2 weeks later when i bought a gram off that kid and smoked it in my backyard out of a tinny when my parents were gone
  20. The first time i smoked was in my 10th grade year. I was friends with a bunch of smokers and had never tried marijuana before, though I had thought about it many times before. Well to make a long story short, I headed over to my friends house to toke up. We proceeded to smoke, which made me feel like such a newb, but hey we all have to start somewhere. So after about 3 bowls, I STILL wasn't feeling anything and we cant have that now can we? So they got a giant ziplock bag, and after hitting it, me included, they would blow the smoke into the bag, and i would inhale it over and over again, which did the trick, quite nicely. At the end of it we smoked about 7 bowls, and I was a little puzzled when the told me; "Hey, so how did you like that Kryp?"

    My first time was so much fun, I would suggest smoking to anyone and everyone.

    P.S. If anyone is attending Full Sail, or lives in Winter Park tell me cause we need to TOKE UP! Getting there in August, so be prepared. Also, can you tell me what kinds of trees you have up there. The best shit i've smoked was Haze, Silver Haze, and Red Skunk to name a few.

    Thanks for the input!

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