When was the last time you smoked out of a can?

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  1. I was hanging out with some of my buddies last night and we got some weed but had no pipe or papers, so we resorted to using a can. It got me thinking when was the last time I smoked out of a can, it had to be a few years ago when I first started smoking weed.

    When was the last time you guys smoked out of a can, if ever?
  2. never did, the Paint on the can can be bad for you unless you sand it off, i mostly use apples.
  3. Almost thought I was going to have to the other day. I've never actually done it
  4. Thankfully I never have and I never will.
  5. a few years ago when i didnt have a piece on me and my weed was too wet to stay lit in a joint so my friend and i were in this park and we looked all over for a cleanish soda can on the ground and found one and rinsed it off and got bakeddd
  6. Soda can? Never. I avoid aluminum at all costs when it comes to smoking. Many other free/cheap alternatives that carry less of a chance of risk. Avoid aluminum and zinc (galvanized steel) at all costs.
  7. Sadly, just a few months ago. Bad hangover + no pipe or papers = me getting high out of a can.

    Last time before that was my first time, but that was over a decade ago.
  8. Ughhh prob like 5 years ago when I first started smoking.
  9. I'd much rather go with an apple.... But i admit, long ago, i have smoked from cans before lol
  10. Back when I took chemistry in highschool, one of the demonstrations my teacher did was half-submerging a aluminum can in acid over night..

    The result the next day was a plastic bag with half a can on top.. All soda cans (beer too im pretty sure) have a thick plastic inner lining that I would imagine is the WORST part about smoking out of a can. Not saying the paint, aluminum, treatments, etc aren't bad for you, or that I'm not guilty of a can pipe, just that a lot of people don't realize they are smoking plastic.

    check it out, rip open a can and give the inside a scratch!

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