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When was the last time you smoked? And What?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jamie_Shay, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. about half hour ago with Jamie

    smoked some Arizona

  2. Last thursday in celebration of school letting out. Smoked a joint of just some regs that i got for real cheap.
  3. last night of some mids, and fucked this hoe for the first time while being blazed. haha it was quite an enjoyable night, i must say.
  4. BOut a month a go and it was purple kush

    a Q in the form of two large blunts

    Needless to say i have never been so high
  5. 3 Hour's ago. I took a t-break so I havent been this high in months lol. Im jus now coming down =O
  6. watching Strange Wilderness and just packed another cone (bowl some may call it)
  7. Like 5 minutes ago.
    Some of my mate's friend's homegrown.
  8. Bout 3 hours ago out of my bong.....and come to think of it. Its time for another!!!!!!
  9. An hour ago, some nice shit my friend grew.
  10. i think february 20th with my good buddy who got me really into bud, smoked some sorta kush i think. he killed himself back in april so im really glad i got to burn with him that last time
  11. 30 seconds ago, couple bowl of some high middies.
  12. I smoked a bowl roughly an hour ago on my way back from getting some food. Bought 2gs of some headies last night:D
  13. about 5 minutes ago.

    An oil joint with a little bud and some keif on it. Putting the roach in the bong now. :smoke:
  14. Friday night, some alright mids. Two bowls in my bong between me and a good friend at like 8pm. Then that bong broke so we used friend's spoon packed two bowls between 5 people around 11:30pm. After that me and a friend packed another bowl in his spoon before we passed out at like 2:30am.
  15. 20 min ago fried off some dank my dude calls hazelberry from a local grower
  16. 2 hours ago or so... some random stuff that's quite yummy.
    I think its time to go do this--->:bongin:
  17. 420 (quit date lol), Home grown who knows what.
  18. I hit up my friend around 2:00 because he owed me a smoke out. I met up with him and we smoked a bowl of some bomb stuff out of my pipe. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much over the high now. Getting a sac tomorrow morning though
  19. Right now some kinda headies called sunkiss
  20. I smoked at about 7pm central time.

    It was some Iso has that I had. It was the last THC I have. Was a nice amount that got onto a piece of paper that I smoked.

    Yes thats right I smoked a piece of paper soaked in Iso Hash......
    Fuck I need to find some bud. Currently waiting to pick up at least a quper, anything less I feel is a wast of money.

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