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When using a Vaporizer, does the grade of the marijuana matter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by canuckerr, May 7, 2011.

  1. I have a portable magic light box vape.

    I was just wondering, does the quality of the marijuana you get affect the high?
    Because for a vape, all it does is heat the herb up so the THC is absorbed right? So does the quality of the herb matter?

    I'm curious because i've been using my magic light and the effect I get from it is good, but I'm pretty sure i've been more ripped then what the magic light gets me.

    Or do you think it is the magic light itself that doesn't produce as strong as an effect?

  2. Yes quality matters no matter what you smoking out of because different strains have different thc amounts as for everything else i have no clue never used a vape
  3. The quality of the bud always matters. I assume you are talking about the Magic Flight Launch Box. I am a MFLB user and I would recommend making sure you are hitting it properly if you feel like it is just giving you a buzz. Hitting the MFLB and getting a big vapor hit can be tricky. Also I find the MFLB gives me a more chill high. I feel a lot more ripped when I hit my homemade gravity bong.

  4. Yeah sorry, I meant MFLB, that's what I have.

    hmm, so I guess i'm not the only one then. I knew there was a difference between the highs.
  5. Ya for sure. Vaping gives you a very different high than smoking. You want my advice then do what I do and combine the 2 highs. It's very nice :smoking:
  6. Magic Light Box. That's classic.

  7. LMAO, I didnt notice that at first :D

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