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when u get a new sack..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DiabolicBud, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. hehe just realized the thread name is kinda funny:p

    nnyway, is there anything u guys do when u get a new sack of weed...?

    like, what i do is take about .5, wrap it up super tight and store it in a jacket or pants pocket or something, that way when i put on those pants or that jacket a week or 2 later i find a nice surprise waiting hehe.. (note, put the weed in something that has just been washed that way u wont end up wearing it antytime soon)
  2. well i usually take like .5 and put it in a diff place than my stash. i always plan on keeping that weed and doing it ever time i pu so ill eventually have a shit load of different types of piff. but i always end up smoking it. i have yet to even have two types! hahah

    one time when i first started doing this i forgot about it and finished everything and couldnt get more for a few days. after not smoking for a day i found it and i was sooooo happy
  3. smoke marijuana
  4. I too always try to hide some stuff around the house but I can never really forget where it is and I end up breaking into it.
  5. ^This.
  6. i grab my bong. load a bowl. enjoy being baked off of dank buds.

  7. this ^

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