When u cure how dry buds before put in jars

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  1. I drive my buds for about five days until they can snap off the stem and they’re kind of crispy on the outside but they’re a little kind of wet on the inside and I put them in a jar for about a day and take them out and it’s like he smell so should I wait like another day or two and get it real crispy before I put them in the jars ?
  2. I don’t I stap them off the them until they can kind of snap off the stem buds are pretty much dry not completely dry they’re like spongy on the outside and a little wet maybe on the inside and when I put them in the jar for about a day and burp make it like smell a choryphill smell and hay out is that good or bad because it feels like the buds getting softer and I want them to be hard and dense
  3. Help, Curing question
    How I get it done for the last 10 years.

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  4. I read it …but my humidity in jars were 58 so they weren’t wet then? But they feel sorta wet when I take ‘em out after few days an pack bowl…so I don’t get it I got hygrometer in jar so I know it’s 62 humidity and buds seem to be getting softer like more moist fluffy I assume moist it kinda seems moist in middle when I break up buds with fingers …just feels wet but gmhumidty in jars …we’re 60 and I dried 5 days they snap off stem idk don’t they get denser get more rock hard while curing?
  5. I've grown for years (Outside) and really solid hard nugs are rare enough in my experience. I suspect what your seeing is vacuum compressed dispensary nugs. I've long ceased caring what it looks like as the only real question is.
    "Did it get you stoned?"
    My pipe doesn't give a crap whether the buds are fluffy or not. Some strains like Landrace Sativa are naturally fluffy, open, airy buds. The tighter the buds the more prone to mold. Everything is a give and take.

    Stretch out your dry to 7 or 10 days and try and get it all to dry more evenly. Sealing up overnight sweats more moisture up from deep in the core and evens things. What we don't want is the shell of the buds to dry to fast. You want the entire mass to reach 65-62% humidity together.

    Dry to fast = Stinks like mowed hay / Lawn clippings.
    Dry to deep = Burns the throat like swallowing a flaming sword.
    Below 55% you've killed the bacteria that do the Cure by breaking down the Chlorophyll.

    Learning the Dry and Cure is an art in its own way. I have an extreme environment with very low humidity at harvest time so I was forced to figure out what was all going so wrong between harvest and the pipe.

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  6. I grow inside

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