when tripping, do you think its weird to have sober people around?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. i sure as hell do, and last tuesday me and my friend has some shrooms and another friend wanted to tag along. we didnt want him there that day, since we were gonna trip, and he got fuckin pissed as hell. he just doesnt understand since hes never tripped before. to me, people that are sober just have this weird aura around them, they have no clue what youre goin through, and they will probably think youre a lunatic when your tripping (not that i give a shit). so where do you stand on the matter?
  2. ya man it really bothers me to see someone not having as much fun as i am. plus its just weird cause u arent on the same level with them kind of.
  3. yeah...because when im tripping i notice everyones personality.. unless they're trippen an whacked out of there mind too.....
  4. i always found it difficult to communicate with any one not triping ...wile i am in fact tripping myself!

  5. That's what I was going to say :p
  6. I don't mind tripping with sober people around provided that they don't expect anything from me...

    I used to have a good friend who wouldn't even drink alcohol...
    When a bunch of friends and I would get together to drink and smoke up, he'd come along...
    We still had fun when we hung out...
    He had fun, always was invited, always came, and never bitched...
  8. weird for then cus they r jelous that they aint trippin either! haha! lmfao!
  9. ive never been on shrooms... but im gunna buy some from my bro soon, how are they?
  10. It really depends..if its a close enough friend and theyre just being chill then fine, everybodies comfortable..but usually the two dont match well..you've always got some bastard who tries to play games with you while your trippin balls... I like that psychic power i seem to have while on shrooms..but I can only use it with other trippers...I can just look across the room at one of my friends whos tripping and we just make eye contact and no words need to be spoken...we just smile in stoned agreeance....good times....But having sobers around can fuck up the energy in the room...I dont know about you guys but when i trip (specifically mushrooms) my energy level goes waaaay down (well maybe not even down, but i'd say my body becomes super sensitive to energy) and my mind and body just can't cope with someone whos sober even walking around or talking to me..just too much noise, too much outside movement..too much energy....its much more fun to be in a small group of close friends who all pop shroomies or what not and then gradually you all melt into slobs on the couch or in the park or wherever you are...just sort of like siting in a hot tub and tking in all the comfortable warmth and energy it gives off
  11. yep. what nubbin said.

    if they've never tripped before, and are generally not a mellow kind of person anyways then it is a definate no no.

    it can be fine with some mellow stoners who know what its like to be tripping and know not to do anything to disrupt it. but it really is advisable to be tripping with only other trippers.
  12. drunk idiots are worse. I had such a bad trip once this freakin idiotic drunk ass all in my face fucking with me. yeah im fucking bitter.
  13. i just hate it when p[eople fuck around or ask to many questions...

    you trippen yet !?

    ohh... you prob trippen face right now...

    you seein anything.....

    i mean c'mon.... just let someone be an relax, its annoying when someones all up in your face..... just ruins your time....
  14. The worst is coming out of lunch time hot boxes at school, only to find a group of 10 ppl who follow you around and try to "trip you out" by waving their hands in your face, etc. Nothing angers me more.
  15. ^^ ya i know what ya mean, ive never smoked at school, but people used to fuck wioth me, im like what the hell are you doing?? and their like doesent that creep you out..... nooooo, it makes me want to hit you... in the face, really hard

  16. *GASP*

  17. The only person thats allowed to tag along on my trips that isn't tripping is my G/F.

  18. I hear you.

    Stoner #1 : Every minute he'd ask "Yo, Krist are you hit?" Like TEN FREAKING TIMES! and on the way back home on the subway too. I dunno if he forgot he asked but it's really annoying.

    Stoner #2 : Two seconds after a hit off a joint he'd say "Man, I don't feel anything" or "This isn't doing anything/not working." Just like the opening scene in Half-Baked where those stupid ass kids take one toke and throw out the joint.

    Half an hour later he's tripping harder than any of us (low tolerance). Cuz he's a big guy it takes longer for him to feel it I think.

    Yeah, those people piss me off sometimes.
  19. fuck 'em....

    just eat the shrooms in the feild and trip in there natural habbitat!

    seaperated from the rest of the world by grass and barbed wire!

    god i love this time of year!

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