When torrenting files... DL rates?

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  1. So I'm downloading a discog of Slayer's work.. from 83-09 including their live album Decade of Aggression:metal: and I'm fuckin stoked.

    And as I sit here watching it DL I begin wondering how other people's downloads go.
    As in, how long would it take for you to download a 3gig file.
    My dl rates stay between 125-150kb/s which is soooo fucking slow v.v

    I hater my ISP. I hate DSL. I want a broadband hookup so badly.
    How bout you fellers?
  2. I get between 2.0 and 2.5 mbps on a torrent with decent or above health
  3. Depends on the seeds:leechers ratio, and if you use private trackers

    My ISP throttles p2p, so I get 250kb/s or so usually.

    pro tip:


  4. Maybe your ISP is throttling your DL speeds. It's very common.
  5. I don't like to dl magnets with less than 25 seeders. Just feels sketchy to me.
    Most of the ones I dl have over 200 seeders and way less leechers.

  6. >.>
    I can't comprehend that page but I see the size is less than 1kb.. lolwut virus?
  7. It usually depends on the torrent in general but I can usually get a steady 1.8Mb/s down and 250 Kb/s up. I have comcast, I don't think they throttle bandwidth but I don't think they are the biggest fans of p2p networks either.

    EDIT: to above the actual file is just a list of urls, very small file. I don't think we're allowed to post this that on GC, however.
  8. You don't dl the file, you just copy pasta the links in jdownloader or any other download manager

  9. I see senor.
    I just dl magnets from TPB using uTorrent
    Simple and effective
  10. I know what's seeders are but what are leechers? Noobie torrent guy here!
  11. Torrent speed is going to fluxuate depending on the seed ammount, limitations placed by seeds, an ofcourse your own speed. For me i download most files at 1.5 mbps. For some reason though when i go onto T1 | Business Broadband & Voice Provider | Speakeasy Inc. and test my speed it reaches around 22mbps down and 5mbps up. So idk why its different but 1.5 is plenty for me.
  12. depending on the torrent I'm usually around 700-1300 kb/s. sometimes around 500, really depends if my roommate is streaming a movie, etc

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