When to water?

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  1. so last night I planted my seeds. One had a pretty big taproot while the others was just starting to poke out. I basically saturated my pot of souls and perlite and then I threw a little dry soil on top and planted the seeds and sprayed the soil with a spray bottle so I didn't damage the seed. It looks pretty dry this morning so I was wondering when I should be watering them in the seedling stage.
  2. Get a spray bottle and keep that top layer moist or else you'll dry it out. I use solo cups and moisten my soil before I put it in the cups. Then I just keep the top layer spritzed and in a day or two your off to the races.
  3. You already have a spray bottle. I'm half asleep. Lol you're good, just keep em misted
  4. Lol no worries man appreciate it
  5. This might be a stupid question but I should have my light over my plants when they are seedlings correct?
  6. Yes. Once you get them in soil, the light is what makes the action happen. At this point, be patient. Don't know what you've got yours planted in, but the first thing the plant does when it goes into soil is form a root system. The smaller the container (Solo cups work great), the less time this takes. While your plant is forming a root system, the foliage growth is from slow to nonexistent. Once it's finished, you'll see the foliage growth pick up and the plant will start to use water. When your plant is larger than the container it's in (wider and taller), it usually is slightly root bound and can be repotted into a larger container. Just keep in mind that putting a tiny seedling into a monster container is going to take some time to get any real foliage growth. Do not water the plant once it's transplanted and watered in, until it has used up at least 80% of the water weight of the pot. Allowing them to dry out like that forces the roots to search the whole pot for water and nutrition which creates a larger root ball and a stronger plant. The roots are the brain of the operation and you've got to keep them happy always. These are weeds and not hard to grow at all if you just know the very basics of what they like and how to deal with them. But what really makes a beautiful plant is good lighting...both in the veg cycle and in flower. If you have good strong lighting, you can grow nice large healthy plants...or any size you want them to be. Good luck! TWW
  7. Always so helpful I appreciate it! But I was told to plant them in my 5 gallon container which is pretty damn big. But I think it's too late to go back at this point so I guess I'm just gonna have to wait it out. I hope that they will still grow being that I never transplanted them. They are auto flowers if that makes any difference.

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