When to water my sprouts?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jdahms, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. I started a closet grow with a friend and things have been going very well for our budget and experience. Using 4 26w CFLs atm and growing in Scotts Potting soil (only soil available at the time). Anyway we planted our germinated seeds yesterday in party cups and this morning we had our first sprout! We are confused though as to when we should water our sprouts. Soil looks pretty damn dry and I dont think I really got the soil soaked enough when we planted them. This is where I have not been able to find consistent information on the internet. When should we start watering? I have read that you should just keep the soil moist until the plant is a little older, but Ive also read that you shouldnt water at all for about a week. I feel that it needs water but am trying hard not to make any stupid mistakes. Sorry about the wall of text btw im really high and this is the best post I could put together right now :smoking:
  2. If the soil looks and feels dry an inch or two down into the cup, and the cup feels about as light as it did before you watered last time, then it's time to water. Hopefully, you've got drainage holes punched into the bottom, right? Water them until you get a nice flow running out the bottom. They're really no set time to water since everyone's grow op is a little different (pot/cup size, soil mix, heat/humidity, etc.). Good luck with your sprouts!

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