When to use Superthrive,,,and how offten????

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by denvermedhead, May 16, 2010.

  1. Hey folks,,,Ive got three strains 1 week into flowering,,Skunk 1,,Romulan,,and Orange Bud. Im wondering how offten I should use superthrive,,,and when I should stop before harvest. Any suggestions would be appreciated THANKS !!!!:smoking:
  2. Superthrive is the shit! That stuff helps plants recover from shock really well. Or at least I have had really good results with it. I use one or two drops per gallon almost every watering. Just stop using it when you stop using nutes like 10-14 days prior to harvest(if in soil). For hydro I believe it is 5-7 days prior to harvest but don't quote me on that because im only on my first hydro grow now(I have a few years outdoor with soil experience).
  3. Right on,,,Yea,,they are in soil pots. I just didnt know if it would cause my finished smoke to be harsh if I used it too offten. Ive heard nothing but good shit about superthrive,,,and I got turned onto a big ass bottle of it. So like a half teaspoon, per gallon,,or less than that???
  4. I started indoors,,,because Im in Denver,,but now that the weather is nice Ive been putting them outside. My first serious grow. Im from San Diego,,and we used to just throw a bunch of bagseed in our yard and let nature do the rest. This time Im trying to do the damn thing right. Thanks for your Input bro,,,,,
  5. I believe it says on the lable to use one drop per gallon. If you got a one gallon jug of it, it will last you forever!

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