When to trigger flowering. Pictures of my plants.

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  1. 4 Plants are under a 250 watt hps. The strain is POK Kush X Citral 3X. i have had a fan on them their whole life so the stem is pretty sturdy. Plants are at about 1 foot on average with 1 being shorter and another one being taller.

    I have a few questions though.

    First one being how do they look. They are about 2 months old but may look a little short because i didn't start them off in smaller containers so the roots grew out before the plants themselves shot up.

    Next question is When should i trigger flowering by switching the light schedule to 12/12? I also have fertilizer to use for flowering that is different than the fert i've been using for veg. Any help would be appreciated.

    Last question is when i do trigger flowering how long will they need to be under the 12/12 schedule before they are ready for harvest?

    Thanks for any help.

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  2. what I'd do bro.. is pinch each one at the top.. that way all the side shoots grow out.. I'd veg them til' they were little bushes If I were you.. maybe even tie them branches into a nice canopy before you start flowering.. maximize the light use.

    12/12 for kush strains your probly lookin at about 8 weeks.. 2 months.. :) sounds long but it's worth it..

    by the way.. have you sexed them? Males, I've noticed, tend to elongate instead of bush.. and they show first too usually.. my kush strain showed sex about 4-5 inches more growth than those.. so if you haven't wait a few days.. :) good luck!
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by pinching the top. This is one of my first grows so i'm not really sure as to what technical stuff to do. Also when sexing i thought you couldn't tell until i started the flowering stage. The more info you can give me the better.

    Grandpa's grow guide and the other research i've done have gotten me this far now i need help from the experienced growers...

    Thanks guys.
  4. Panther,
    They are almost ready for 12/12 flowering. The longer you veg though the bigger the plants will be and the more pot you get. They will show sex when (1) the plant has been grown in veg for a while and starts to show pre-flowers or (2) you turn the lights back to 12/12. Only turns lights back when the plants are sexually mature (alternating nodes) or when plant is 12 inches tall. I would not concern yourself with pinching, topping, tipping, LSTing, FIMing or any fancy technique, especially when growing for the first time. Research all that stuff and do it next time.
  5. Ok. Since they are almost ready to be switched to 12/12 I guess i'll wait about one more week and switch the lighting schedule and start using the flowering ferts. Does this sound like an ok timeframe?
  6. Since you are going to wait a week, you can subtract an hour of light a day from your plants' light period. Or, you can go a little longer and chop off a 1/2 hour a day until you get to 12/12. This will give you that extra veg time and give an easy, smooth transition into the flowering light schedule.
  7. do you no anyware where theres some pics of preflowers or a bit of a description
  8. first id fill those buckets to the top with soil, you got a lot of stem from your first leaf to the base of that pot,,,,,id wait if i were you , you dont really have much of a plant to flower right now,,,

    id hold on that bloom fert. until the 3rd week of 12/12, you may end up having to stake those linky plants, [ i stake all my plants, rather they need it or not ] just veg. them till theyre as tall as your space can stand,,,, just keep in mind they will grow another 1 - 1 1/2 ft., before harvesting..

    on my grow now , you can see a lst, a sog plant, and verticals,

    its nice to experiment to see what the outcome is, and if your comfortable growing that way,, i tend to lean towards the lst method ,,good luck!!!:wave:
  9. Being as this is one of my first full fledged grows with an HPS light and proper techniques i don't think i am going to try and do LST. I just switched to 12/12 and most of the plants are right around 16-18' at the moment. i have yet to start using the flowering fert but will start using that in the next 3 days unless that is advised against. The plants look great and i'm just hoping for as many females as possible. Keep the responses coming and i'll get more pics up!
  10. Here are the pictures i said i would post. Responses are welcomed and incouraged.

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  11. basically what your going to end up with, would be a typical,, [ sea of green plant ],, a short full flowering plant,,, .

    your end results will look like my s.o.g. experiment plant in my grow, thread....

    dont throw the lst method to the curve,,,, [ thats the impression i got ] this is a excellent way to utilize max. space and light for a inside grow....

    look at my grow fellow, i got 3 experiments there, a lst plant, a s.o.g. plant, and 2 verticales,,, you can see which one seems to be more to your liking...:smoking: im am so obbbzzzzdddeeeddd///////drunk and stoned,,,, what a combonation:p
  12. Those plants are 16-18 inches tall? Hmm, they look shorter than that to me. The picture must be distorted or I have nothing to judge them by. Anyway, plants look very nice. Don't forget to mark the calendar when you first see flowers. Oh and you can start with your flowering fert now if you wish. You did give them a nice dose of high in N food to get them through flower right? Good luck.
  13. smokin VTEC if you look in one of the pictures that i posted yesterday i put one up with a yard stick showing the height of the plants. i tried to post bigger pictures however the file sizes were to big. I believe the fert i got was 15-30-15 for flowering. That may not be the exact numbers however i know that the middle number is the biggest. Any other comments?
  14. Yeah I see that. It is sort of hard to read the stick. If you like you can put into flowering, they are tall enough. Fert should be fine. Are you going to transplant them to a bigger pot? If so do it before week 2 of flowering. Good luck with the rest of the grow.
  15. The plants are going to stay in these pots. They are 5 gallon buckets so they should be ok from what i've read in the past. Any other comments are welcomed.
  16. The shapes of your plant seems allright.
    It's just that your plant seems mighty.....mighty..... yellow.

    I cannot really estimate how healthy your plants are with those funny colors.
    Can you post us full spectrum pics?
  17. The plants seem so yellow because they are under a 250 watt hps bulb. I'd go take a regular picture without the light on but they are in the flowering stage and i don't want to interrupt the 12 of complete darkness.
  18. have you got any bottom branches to clone yet?it would be nice to have at least two from each plant-lable them to keep track of who is who,and keep in em veg till you figure out whats female or not.remove the males.by the time you get your buds in, the veg/mother plants/clones will be ready to give a lots of clones.just have yourself a taste test/judging pow wow.maybe you will want to grow all the types if they turn out to be good smoke,but you can rule out any that are not what you like...once you find a few good strains its all coasting from there...
    good luck,
    scary visionary.
  19. I know about the hps.

    I don't understand this interrupting darkness kind of thing.
    When you shot your pics, the HPS was absolutely turned on.
    So either the plant was in the 12 hours of light cyclehalf already, or you are not making sense!

  20. The plants pictures were taken during the 12 on period. Sorry for any confusion it may have caused.

    Anyway I have more pictures. If you look at the second to last picture one of my plants top set of leaves were starting to turn down. They arent getting brown or anything and i haven't watered them in two days so i'm not sure what the deal is. I moved the HPS up another few inches and watered them today so hopefully that fixes the problem but any other advice would be great. Let me know what you think as of now.

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