when to transplant?

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  1. hi everyone i have some lowryders in some small pots like 2 inches high and 2 inches wide they are a week old should i transplant them now? or wait
  2. wtf are the in thats 2 by 2 lol.. id put them in cups. have they sprouted?
  3. they have sprouted and are doing very well have 4 leafs and there starter leaves things aswell are about a inch high its not 2 by 2 sorry its 4 inches high 2 wide
  4. i would move them to cups. its never to early to transplant. do you have pics? what do you plan on puttin them in for final transplant?
  5. Yeah there is definitely a time thats too early to transplant. Thats dangerous advice :)
    Too early on you have a chance of damaging the root system badly if the soil isnt being
    held together well enough by the roots/moisture.

    Yeah it's time to uppot those plants to something largre. Remember, there is way
    more happening below the soil then you might think. If you place your 2x2 plants into
    a 12 oz party cup, expect the roots to have filled that in just a few days. I recommend
    going to a 1 gallon pot for a week or two, them moving to their final homes.

    Don't wait too long unless you want to stunt their growth.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  6. i plan on putting them in 8 litre trough style pots as im limeted on growth space i was just gunna transplant straight in there
  7. Sounds good. Don't expect a huge plant or yield from 2 gallons of soil though.

    :bongin: ~Expermentalist

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