When to Transplant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kudos, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. When should i transplant my plant into a bigger pot? Right now it's in a cut out milk jug. Should I wait til' the first week or wait longer, and how can you tell when the plant needs a bigger growing space?
  2. the best way i found is to look in the bottom of the pot were the drain holes are... if you see roots coming out of the drain holes then its time to transplant... but i'm no expert dude so wait till the real experts answer you..
  3. Can anyone add onto this? because I am about ready to transplant... I think. my plant almost has a 2nd pair of leaves, and I'm getting worried about it overgrowing its pot.
  4. u should be fine my seedling is on its 2nd pair of acctual leaves and the roots go deeper than wider jus sayin
  5. whats wrong with just planting them in the pot theyr going to end up in... thats what i do.

    I germinate them in a towel to make sure theyll grow, then just plant them in a big pot.
  6. a gallon milk jug?

    Cover the sides so light dont get to it and you can leave it there for a pretty long time, 3-4 weeks at least

    can you post a pic?

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