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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Young Khalifa, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. I have 2 auto fem AK seeds 5 days from plant time. They are growing fairly well. They are both in a 12 oz Styrofoam cup. Rougly when will the be root bound and be ready to transfer?
  2. I'm growing the exact plant, it's best not to transplant autos or they will become stressed and stunted over all. Plant them now in the pot they will finish in.

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  3. Any advice on perfect size pot? I know last time it was planted start to finish in a 5 gallon and had root problems along with a few deficiencies and it didn't make it... a little off top but, are these autos ok with plant trainin?
  4. I'm using a 3 gallon smart pot, it keeps oxygen flow to roots preventing any root balls. And I learned that as long as the training has nothing to do with cutting it. Tie in down branches works awesome for bushes

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  5. Cool thanks for the tip... will the plant reach maximum size in a 3 gal? And what are your takes on adding nutrients towards the end of the cycle?
  6. I'm sure you could go 5 gallon smart pot and it would be bigger but I just have limited space. But with smart pots they need more water. And the sides will be moist, I usually add veg nutes at the middle of week 2, but not very much. After that by week 5 I start flower nutes and veg nutes until about a week or two before harvest. Then I use straight water for the rest

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  7. How are your yields?
  8. I prefer more 3's over fewer 5 gallon containers, also a good rule of thumb to transplant is when the plant is as tall or taller as the container is deep. If you have healthy roots, the plant should have a decent form at that point when you go to transplant.

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