when to transplant clone cuttings?

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  1. so its been about 9 days i think since i took cuttings from my two mother plants. The clones were cut and dipped in rootone and put into peat pellets with a dome under two 15 watt cfls. They also get a lil light from the 6 26 watt cfls used for the mothers. I have been keeping it humid and spraying them a few times a day and spraying the dome. I some have died and wilted badly, others looks healthy. I took ten cuttings, my question is when should i plant these babies into soil and put them under some real light to start flowering? I cant see any roots popping out of the pellet yet...so should i wait, or what should i do? I plan to flower as soon as they are rooted. How will I know. Thanks
  2. you transplant once rooted.
  3. will the roots begin to come out of the peat pellet? I guess my question was more of how will i know when they have began to root?
  4. if they root you will see greener leaves and somewaht newer growth, takes about 10 days or so too root, but i clone in perlite so i can just pull mine out too see if they have roots
  5. Either way, you don't really have to wait until you see roots to plant them. You can put the pellet or whatever you have the clone in right in the pot you are growing out of. You can wait and see if it actually roots.....or just plant it and hope that it does.....either way the worst case senario is the same....a dead cutting.

    Some people like to make the roots develope some in the pellet before planting them...but you don't have to.
  6. Take each peat pot out and cut that damn nylon off the bottom. It has a tendency to strangle the roots.

    You'll see roots coming out of the bottom and sides of the peat pots in just a few days. :D

    Yes... you can drop them right into your soil setup today if you like :) Just make sure you remove that Nylon outer wrap. The little thing will hold together just fine without it while you move it into its new hole. :smoking:
  7. Thanks for all the help. I'll wait a few more days and see if i see any roots coming out. If not i will transplant them into bigger pots. And i will for sure take off the nylon around it. I didnt because i was worried that it would all fall apart and wouldnt hold the cutting in the peat tightly. I think im going to try perlite next time, until i can try to make a bubble cloner. Would it do any harm putting the cutting/clone under a lil more light using soft whites to get it flowering once it roots? will this extra light disrupt it from rooting? Thanks for all the help.
  8. Keep it on until just before you transplant it into soil. I didn't mean take it off for sprouting 'cause yeah... it will fall apart :)
  9. would i do anything different than the normal step by step for cloning in perlite? I just bought some and want to take a few more clones and try in that. I think next time im going to also scrape part of the bottom stem off til i see the white center to promote root development when dipped in my rootone....any thoughts or tips?

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