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  1. I've got two seedlings I just transfered to 1g and their swick beds. Day 10 since sprout. Both started in the same soil, transfered to the same soil but one is showing overwatered. The other is going crazy!

    The overwatered one is a bit small still. Should I let it dry out/perk up off the swick a few days??
  2. Maybe you should forget about swick. This ain't hydro. Watering a couple one gallon plants takes about a minute anyway.
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  3. Thanks for your reply. I guess..
  4. I'm using it for an even moisture level for the microbes and to allow more hands off approach. Why the negative comment??
  5. You might need more aeration or you have a pheno that doesn't like constant moisture. At that point, you will need to let the pot lose moisture before you fill the res again. You can get the blumat moisture meter off azon for $40. US. It's a good way to get a feel for the moisture in your pots, but don't follow their chart. Depending on aeration it can read vastly different. Like @Sc00byD00bie hits the chart numbers, but myself and a couple others have found that our sweet spot is outside that range.

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  6. Thanks for your reply! I definitely think this strain doesn't like moisture. This is my second grow with the same strain and the first grow had issues too. My other plant is a different strain and is looking great so far with the same setup.

    I'll let the res run dry and see if it helps. I checked her this morning and she perked up a little bit. I'm hoping it was a combo of transplant shock and the new watering method and she will bounce back soon.
  7. I'm sorry you took it that way. I'm just being honest with you. As a new grower maybe a more hands on approach would be better. Keep it simple.
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