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When to top...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bobweir, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Ok well i just got my plant to sprout, I'm still waiting on two more. I have some noob questions now, though...
    1.) When do i top? I know like right before the 5th set of leaves comes in, but i'm confused as to what makes up a "set of leaves."
    2.) When do i start giving her nutes? 3 weeks into veg? Start of flowering? :confused:
    a.) How much of the total serving do i give her? Half?
    3.) I bought a small white pot that is more of a bowl than a pot because i was rather stoned one day when I was looking for something bigger that I will transfer to. Will this work for an intermediate stage? Is it possible to LST in here and then still transfer it to something bigger (maybe 5 gal bucket? idk:confused:) or should i wait to LST when it is in it's final resting place?

    Thank you for your patience and sorry for my rambling. Any help you guys wish to give me woulld be much appreciated! I love coming on here and soaking up all of the information floating about.! I have attached pictures of my grow box and of my little girl (fingers crossed:D) in case anyone wishes to see.


  2. 1. Leaves grow in sets. A set constitutes a branch protruding from opposite sides of the stem. The next set up, will be where the next branches are. Make sense?? :smoking:

    2. Wait a couple more weeks, then give her a very light dose, 1/4 strength to start with.

    3. Not at all sure about the sound of your bowl thing. :p It needs holes in the bottom for drainage for a start, also it'd be way easier just to transplant once, why not get a pot now? :) 3-5 gallons will be sufficient.
  3. 1. so right now, would that be considered the set of leaves? and then 4 more leaves like that make up the second set? or two more leaves make up the second set?

    2. ok i can do that :)

    3. upon further inspection the bowl thing seems to be a sort of hanging basket. i got it because it had holes on the sides to tie the plant to when I LST, but i'm probably just going to scrap this and take them right to a 3 or 5 gallon bucket like you said :)
  4. 1. no. the first 2 are the round ones,...those are called cotyledons.

    The next 2 (not 4) will be the first "set" and so on.

    Take a peak at the tutorial in my sig, lots of good pics explaining leaf sets and such.
  5. top in maybe 15-20 days

    :) got a bit of time. let her grow.

    Evil :smoke:
  6. ok so the next two leaves tht pop out of the plant, will be the first set of leaves. and then next two leaves after that are the second set of leaves, and so on?

    LBH I love your tutorial on the 4 way LST that is what I am going to be using when my leaf sets come
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    Correct. Once your first set comes in you will know exactly what you're looking at. Pointed, ridges on the edges, you can't miss it.

    I just posted a topping question earlier. Common consensus is to top your plant after the 4th node (part where leaves meet the main stem). Thus, you will be snipping the 5th leaf set as it starts to appear. Allow the fifth leaf set to get about a 1/4 inch or so before cutting it so you have room to get (sterilized) scissors or nail clippers in there.

    When you top it you are actually cutting through the main stem, just above the 4th node. Not just the leaves.

    Hope it helps. My second plant is just a bit ahead of yours (3 weeks), so if you want some tips or anything let me know.
  8. ok thanks for the advice, man. :)

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