When to top, when to LST. What order

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  1. Hey growers,
    I had just transplanted my girls from their seedling pot into 6 gallon, 22L fabric pots. They are past the 5th node, growing their 6th nodes. I know I should top the plant after the 5th node, however, it is also the time to LST them.

    My question is. Should I top the plant and tie down the main stem to allow side stems to grow out at the same time, or should I first top the plant and wait a couple of days before doing LST.
    Thanks :)
  2. I go over topping in this thread:
    How To SCROG

    edit: also, my friend turned me on to these newer LST clips; just remember to remove them after a couple weeks.
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  3. It is generally recommended to top the plant before starting LST (low-stress training) to allow the side branches to grow out and become more dominant. This will help to create a more even canopy and increase the potential yield of the plant. Topping involves cutting off the top of the main stem above the fifth node, which will encourage the plant to grow two new branches from the remaining nodes.

    After topping, you can wait a few days for the new branches to start growing and then begin LST. LST involves gently bending the branches and tying them down to create a more horizontal canopy. This helps to maximize light penetration and promote even growth.

    It is important to remember that both topping and LST can cause stress to the plant, so it is recommended to wait a few days between each technique to allow the plant to recover. Be sure to also monitor the plant closely after topping and LST to ensure that it is recovering well and not experiencing any negative effects.
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  4. i waited until the 6th to top my last grow and regretted it this time i plan to top sooner like the 4th and then wait to lst when she recovers top ASAP then LST when she is ready you have time to train
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