When to top my plans

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  1. Hello all
    My baby's are 15 days old.
    Im growing a regular females
    When i top need to top them?
    I understand on auto females they're top the 3rd level and on regular females you top the 5th level.
    *Of course i start counting from the 3 points leaves, so the first 3 point leaves is the 1st level
  2. i used to top on 5th node
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  3. You mean the 5th node you top?
  4. yes count 5 nodes up from first true leaves i make sure the 5th set is out and starting pushing 6th
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  5. Only when its start the 6th you top the 5th yes?
  6. yes exactly :)
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  7. This from today
    2 more levels i top?
    Now the 4th level is growing

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  8. yes indeed i think some people top at 4th also but 5th is my prefered choice
  9. btw they look really healthy lovely colour
  10. I think they not big enough to top on the 4th level, btw i understand that autoflowers 3rd level got topped because they don't have much time.
    Anyway i like the Idea to top the 5th level

    Yes one of them was a bit bad before 2 day's but good watering changes everything
  11. You can top that now if you want, nice healthy plants
  12. Ready?

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