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when to toke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chillumss, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I'm 18, been smoking about 6 months, still live at the house. My mom runs a home daycare, so she is home almost all the time until about 5:30 during the weekdays. I work and go to a community college. But with my mom home most of the day, and my dad (comes home around 3:30) it's hard to find time. I never have smoked by myself, always with a friend or a group. I have a gram in my room calling me (been sitting there for a week). I could easily go to the park, play some bball and blaze with some friends, but i wanna smoke this by myself and get ripped, chill, listen to music, etc. How should i go about doing this? My eyes do get pretty red, and my tolerance is kinda low.
  2. wait until they fall asleep and then do it in your room?
  3. Yeah dude is it a question of what to use to smoke it or what?

    I'm almost too high to type right now.

  4. their room is right below me, im kinda worried about the smell, i've got a fan. Go for it and say fuck it?

  5. lol. i've got a pipe i'm gonna smoke out of.
  6. Fan & windows up= covered. :cool:
  7. yes, you will be fine. You would be scared to know how close I have been to my parents while smoking. Literally less than a foot away, only separated by a few wood planks.

    If you are worried about the sound of a lighter, light a candle, and then just press the button on the lighter to release the gas, and put it by the candle flame and you get fire:smoke:
  8. If you have any incense sticks then you shouldn't worry about the smell, since those sticks overkill any other smell.

    If you don't have any incense sticks then just blow smoke out of the window and by morning it won't smell.

  9. right on. hopefully it covers up most of the smell, should probly get some visine too
  10. A sploof is highly highly recommended...Its pretty hard to get caught smoking when you use a sploof actually.
  11. Dryer sheets, empty toilet paper roll, visine, fan, windows up and you should be 100%.
  12. If you got a pipe then just say your going to the corner store, or for a run. Or even while walking around the block. I would never do it in the house, unless its night and no one is awake in which case... go ahead.
  13. I agree, I've been using one for the past month here in my dorm and it works great. Just replace the dryer sheets inside they WILL get brown lol
  14. Always another option. :cool:
  15. Im assuming you have some sort of apparatus to smoke out of. But the basics to smoking at home are:

    -No cherrying the bowl. this will release smoke into the air while it sits quick, little, hits.

    -Sploof. Take a toilet paper roll and tape a dryer sheet over one end...stuff three or four more in there and blow your smoke out of it. Works ridiculously well.
  16. He's got a pipe and we've already suggested sploofs and a jog to the park or something.
  17. Lol...

    you make me wanna go smoke more dank!:rolleyes:
    God people help me

  18. Damn. first time posting here to get advice, and get a shitload of answers. appreciate it
  19. No problem man, I get baked and do this shit for entertainment. :D

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