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    I've read a few guides online first to try and get my answer from that but it's never really been 100% clear to me or maybe I've just smoked one to many bowls. :D Anyways... What I was wondering is I have my sprout planted into the pot I want to grow it in and I put some plastic over the top after watering it with lukewarm water and put a rubber band around the lip to keep the humidity inside. Currently, I am keeping my pot hidden in the complete darkness underneath my bed. I'll check on it ever 3 to 4 hours to see if the soil underneath is still wet and if not I'll give it a few squirts of warm water with a spray bottle that I'm using. Ultimately, I was just wondering if I should take the plant to move outdoors now before it's even sprouted up above the soil? Or should I wait until it sprouts from the soil and then move it outdoors?
  2. Id also like to know the answer to this.
  3. Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only n00b. Makes me feel alone here kinda sometimes. :p
  4. wait until it sprouts above the soil.

    as soon as it sprouts, TAKE THE PLASTIC OFF and then put it in the sun.

    but only give them morning and afternoon sun. depending on where you live and how strong the sun is, the young weak plants can get fried in the dirrect sun at noon.

    that happened to me once...
  5. Ah, I see. Awesome. Thank you so much for the response,for a little bit I was worried that I was supposed to take it out now rather than when it sprouted. And about the sun problem, I live in central Indiana so the summer days here can reach well over 80. When I move it outdoors I'll most likely take it deep into a nearby forest where no one will find it and so the sun will shine on it but it won't be so brutal through the trees, y'know. :)
  6. I keep my plants inside until they grow their 3rd set of leaves....or 3 weeks, which ever comes first cuz usually 3 weeks of time gets my plants strong enough to be outside. I have transplanted 2 of my plants outside in the woods and they seem to be doing great outside. I have 2 more that are under some cfl's that are only a week old. Basically you just want them to be strong enough that the wind wont snap it and old enough that transplanting wont shock them and then they end up male or hermi.
  7. Thanks muchly for the advice. But now I'm just a tad confused. The other guy says to take it out as soon as it sprouted with it's first set of baby leaves. Yet you waited 3 whole weeks after it sprouted to take it out. Does it really matter if I take it out just as it sprouts or wait a while for it to grow indoors so it'll be strong enough for the outside?

    P.S. I'm growing them outdoors because I don't have the right type of lights to use, nor any privacy to grow them without being caught. ( Lives with parents. ) Don't gimme any shit, I got kicked out by my roomie. :p
  8. I just got a bunch of pepper seedlings planted on Thursday (1/2 in mini hempi buckets and 1/2 in FFOF). I put them outside Saturday as it was a beautiful day. However the wind picked up and beat the little guys to hell. It tore a couple of leaves, and severly damaged one of the stems. I learned my lesson, seedlings are fragile and just can't take the harsh outdoors very well. I'm gonna keep my plants inside (or in a greenhouse) till they have a nice solid stem and several sets of leaves.
  9. Thanks for the advice, man. I guess there rises another problem. I live in a warm area and it's not really gusty a whole lot or anything, but that is a concern that if I take my sprout outside and I go to check on it the next day and the pot is sitting there with nothing even in there anymore. Heh. My only choice is to move them outdoors when it sporuts, I don't have the supplies nor even the correct type of light to care for them indoors. That and...yeah, the privacy issue. If I got caught, my parent would most likely throw me into the slammer. Yes. They hate herbal medicine THAT much. They think it's some kind of super evil demon drug. xD Horrible, isn't it?
  10. Sounds like you may have to ditch it. When I was younger I started a few then planted them in random out of the way spots a 15yr old without a car knows about.. Even today I toss bagseeds into ditches all the time. I don't ever go back to look if it grew, I just love the though of some "wild" MJ growing and multiplying if we all pitched in... I mean they do call it weed for a reason eh?
  11. Weed does grow outside by putting a seed in the ground, dont get me wrong from my last post. Im just saying that they will more then likely survive if they have been taken care of indoors first for about the first 3 weeks. Im doing autoflowers so the time might be a bit differnet for you cuz autoflowers start flowering after 3-4 weeks in veg, hints why they cant be cloned, but thats another story. I dunno, in your shoes i would probably just ditch the idea until you get in a better situation or just sprout quite a few seeds and plant them in the woods and hope you come back to a plant. It can happen, just not likely with wind and days of rain. (We have rain all week in my 5 day forcast)

  12. I agree. This is when I move mine to the outdoors also.

  13. Eh. The idea sounds interesting to say the least to just chuck seeds randomly into the ground and then come back hoping there will be a plant. I'll probably take the advice on finding a private spot and then actually planting it into the soil. And I know that with the conditions I'm living in and what I'm gonna have to do to take care of this thing when it gets big it's going to be very difficult at times to keep it hidden and what not. But I've been planning on at LEAST trying to grow it to see how far I do get before I mess everything up. :p
  14. As soon as I see green the sprout goes outdoors under the sun.
  15. Right now I have my baby sitting outback bathing in direct sunlight. :p

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