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When to take clones?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by oscar1984, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Hey need some tips when to take cones? Running a SCROG two to three girls at a time...about two weeks from switching to flowering schedule...have a separate area for vegging the clones...when should I take cuttings?....
  2. I have taken clones as early as 30 day vegg all the way up to 7 wks flower. The run i have now are flowering clones. If you are going to sccrog ck out info on flowering clones. Them babies can bush out with nice muti cola's,i have a few pic's in my gallery:smoking:
  3. I will check up on that topic should I take them while in the veg state or later on in flowering...need a time frame.
  4. Its hard to judge ur growth,,step back take a look a her and visualize ur clones. Now for where,,,how and why? There r so many opinion's on this subject. If i give u my someone is sure to jump in and say no,,no due it likr this well,,i have tried many. After all the trials. I now wack um anywhere, any time,,no clean razor,,node,,,no node,,leaf,,,flower. the only thing i make sure of is cut under water. Slap them in PH;d water,,little bloom,100 percent survival,,all other ways less than 50 percent for me anyway. :smoking: Keep Reading
  5. Will i be the first to beg to differ lol.

    Taking clones from seedling...
    Wait until the plant is mature... ie. when it shows preflower or alternating node (usually after 5 or 6 weeks, depending on strain).
    If you like, you can also put that clone into flower when it has established roots (2 weeks or less).

    Taking a clone from a clone...
    The clone will already be mature, so when you think the clone is ready to roots (after 3 or 4 weeks), cut your clone!

    If i were you, i'd cut my clones a few days before switching to 12/12 (gives the mother time to get over the shock before introducing it to 12/12).

    Cut the clones from the middle of the plant.
    The bottom branches are too woody to clone (will take longer to establish roots).
    The top branches are too young and juicy to clone (also takes longer to establish roots).
  6. thanks, after reading up on flowering clones sounds interesting however cloning before 12/12 seems most practical for me...whats this recovery time like before switching to 12/12 for the mother of the clones? Do these clones still need 100 watts each?..plan on just using 5 cuttings...only need three then placing. How many 6500k CFL's @ 23watts for lighting?
  7. Yes, clone while the mother is in veg. Some people risk a week into flowering.
    A flowering plant puts most of its energy into producing bud. If you clone a plant in flower, you have to revert it back to veg, to make it grow.

    Cutting branches of a plant, changing light cycle and changing nutrients all at the same time can put a plant into shock, theres a chance it could cause it enough stress to hermie. Most people would do one change at a time, ie...
    clone, then wait a few days,
    change light cycle, then wait a few days,
    and change to flowering nutes.

    Clones don't need to be bombarded with light until they have established a good nest of roots. CFLs are perfect for cloning.
  8. Thanks again fitzy...I don't have room for a mother plant to stay in the vegging state..could I just continue to take cuttings from my vegging scrog girls at each cycle before I introduce them to 12/12...would there be any down sides to this idea over the long run?

    Not sure if that makes since... I would take cuttings in a week from my vegged w.w that is now in the screen vegging which needs to be flowered...wait a week from taking the cuttings switch to 12/12 250HPS...introduce these cuttings into a separate small area with CFL's 6500k allow them to root and grow....then introduce them back into my true vegging room with the 250MH once my w.w. scrog has been harvested.

    Just need to know if this sounds like a correct plan...is there a better way? Without upgrading equipment and area?
  9. If you can't have mothers then, yes oscar, that should be fine.
    Cut your clones around a week before you introduce the vegging plants to 12/12.
    That will give you roughly the same length of time vegging your clones as the length flowering the mums. While vegging your clones LST/TOP or FIM them so that the clones will fit under your screen.
    Hopefully they aren't too tall for your scrog.
    You should have a harvest around every 8 weeks.

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