When to switch to flower?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ajkhaos, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. So my last grow was autoflower but this time I'm trying photoperiods. So as the title says, when do you guys usually switch to flower? Is it a time or a size thing?

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  2. It’s a look at you trichomes thing just like autos. I harvest as soon as I see Amber But many people switch at like 25% Amber

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  3. its really upto you mate ,say your growing an indica strain .,it will at least nearly double in size while flowering sativas and sativaxindica anything from double their size to triple size etc,,,mac,,
  4. Size my friend.

    As the photoperiod grows, it will keep getting bigger. Yup. That's what happens, heh.

    If outdoor how big a plant ya want
    If indoor, keep in mind if you grow a two foot tall plant. When you flip it might be 3ft tall.

    The amount they stretch greatly depends on genes, afterall, were in a world of GMO products.

    Most indica won't stretch too much, in my mail experience the bigger the plant the bigger the stretch.

    I had like 1ft tall plants I lst'd and when I flipped they gained like 3 inches. And I've had some plants get like 3-4ft tall and by time they flowered they were pushing 5.5feet easy.

    Some sativa's can double or triple in size during flip to flower.
  5. depends on how big you want and how you want it if its a quick grow and go i usually start bloom after 6 weeks if you wanna go bigger you can veg even longer up to 10weeks max cause thats overkill lol unless your scrogging. bloom is usually near same time to a few weeks longer. but really how ever big you decide to go itll just keep growing in proper conditions.
  6. There are no buds or AMBER trichs
    Flip when you feel you won't overgrow you're space

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  7. My available growing space (height & width available) determines when I flip to 12/12. With my current grow, I topped plants once and went to 12/12 at 4 weeks. 3 weeks might have been smarter; I'm going to have a LOT of trimming to do. :)
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  8. Procedurally, I think it goes something like...
    You hold off on flowering because a plant has not yet grown out its roots and/or branches to fully utilize the grow medium/lighting.
    You end that hold regardless and start bloom if your plants grow so tall that they will grow into your lights when they stretch in the weeks subsequent to a 12-12 light regimen. If you don't have a better estimate, assume they'll double in size.
    And as a matter of efficiency, you try to keep each plant equal in height as best you can. Rotating shorter plants into the center of the lit area is one way to do this.

    I hope that's helpful.
  9. It depends how long you want to veg, by that I mean do you want a 4 week veg or longer. Also consider how much room you have bc depending on your strain it double in size during flowering.

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