When to switch to 12/12 for Flowering (Updated w/ Pics!)

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    Hey blades :)

    Well, myself and a partner are working on our first grow, tho we are having a disagreement.

    We are using a dresser that was custom built to hold a grow op. We are about 3 weeks into veg and things are looking good (Besides the deficiency/pH problems I was having). I have about 4 leaf sets on each plant, and they are looking very healthy.

    When can I flower? I was under the impression that veg lasted 2-3 1/2 months, but my partner is saying we can flower in the next two weeks.

    Shed some light on this for me blades :) What do I need to look for to KNOW when I can flower.

    Also, this is another theory I was having and I figured I'd just ask in this post instead of making another.

    I have 4 girls goin right now, 2 White Widow and 2 Ice. I was considering keeping the two best lookin plants as mothers for clones for the next time around and I'm going to try SoG. In order to keep two plants as mothers, I need to keep them alive but keep them pretty short (Less than 6-7 leaf sets probably).

    Will topping my plant accomplish this for me? Will I need to constantly top it, and how often does topping need to take place? I will take some measurments of my box and let you guys know the size.

    Im sorry for not having pictures or anything, but I'm WAY to paranoid for that shit :p

    Thanks for the help blades!!

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  2. Veg can be done at any time. From the get go or never. Most people force it into flowering when the achieve the desired height they want since when you switch to 12/12 within a very short time like a month or so your plant will grow 3-4x bigger. A good example is some white widows I harvested early in the year. I veged till they were 8 inches. Plants shot up to 30 in about a month. Basically when you veg is really up to you. You have to take the massive growth that will occur into account based on your grow size area. You have a foot tall plant it'll be 3-4 feet.

    My current grow I wanted a small plant and I veged for 14 days only. Then I threw it under 12/12.

  3. Awesome info! So let me get this straight,

    if I have a space of mabye 2 - 2 1/2 ft tall to work with, I could sprout a seed, veg it until its a couple inches tall, then switch it to flower, and it will be ready for harvest in about a month?

    My current girls are about 8" tall right now (Wish I woulda known how veg/flower worked beore I let e get that tall!) so Im prolly gunna have to move my entire set up, or just use them for clones??

    Since my plants are not going to fit in my set up once I flower them, should I just throw them on 12/12 in the next couple days/week and start topping them once they grow? And just repeatedly top them? Will topping alone be able to manage the size of the plants?

    Or am I just basically fucked lmfaoooo?

    Im sorry I'm such a newb!! Im just trying to figure all this out, because I'm falling more and more in love with growing everyday haha

  4. Well firstly read all the stickies in the forums...there at the top. All the growing information you need is contained there or google grow guides. After reading 2 or 3 you will notice they all follow a similar mantra.

    "if I have a space of mabye 2 - 2 1/2 ft tall to work with, I could sprout a seed, veg it until its a couple inches tall, then switch it to flower, and it will be ready for harvest in about a month?"

    No and yes. Yes you can sprout a seed veg for a short while then switch to flower. No it won't be ready in a month. Good rule of thumb is it takes 60 days to flower a plant till harvest..sometimes less a lot of times more.

    "My current girls are about 8" tall right now (Wish I woulda known how veg/flower worked beore I let e get that tall!) so Im prolly gunna have to move my entire set up, or just use them for clones??"

    Yes you will have to move your entire set up. Your plants are going to shoot up a lot when you switch to flower. All MJ does. Its the nature of there reproductive cycle. Taller they are the more chance pollen in the wind will fertilizer them. Insects do not fertilizer them like say blueberry bushes.
  5. I've read all the posts in the stickies, and im still confused but by you explaining my examples is helping out a lot :) thanks!!

    60 days, 90 days, I dont care I was just curious about if I could flower that fast into veg :p

    Another question:

    Instead of SoG, say I want to do LST to my next batch, do I need to Veg them the entire time until the plant is around the inside of the pot THEN switch to flowering? (I kinda already know the answer but I'm just making 100% sure)

    If I want to just harvest, let's say 1 to 2 plants, and keep them as short as possible and harvest as soon as possible. What height should I veg them to in order to be able to flower in a 2 - 2 1/2 foot space? Is this possible to accomplish?

    Also, can I just keep my current plants in veg and use them as mothers for clones? Plant the clones, veg for a couple days, then flower them?

    Moving/changing my set up is sort of out of the question at this time and I dont want to have to get rid of my current girls. I'm just trying to think of anything I could do for them to still have a purpose.
  6. When you see these, it's called pre flowering and it's time to switch to 12/12


  7. How big your plant is is not tied into how long till harvest. A 30 inch White Widow will take as long in flower stage to harvest as a 10 foot tall one. There is no correlation to it. Its like a Orange tree. It takes X amount of days for it to bear ripe fruit. Just how it is. You could have a 50 foot tall tree next to a 5 foot tall one and they will produce after a set X amount of time.

    Sure you can keep your plants in veg for clones. A lot do. Makes future grows easy and faster.
  8. Ok, I got a plan!

    Im going to keep 1 white widow and 1 ice plants for mothers. I'm going to flower the other two starting tommorow.

    When the other two start to shoot up, can I continuously top them to keep them the size I want so I can at least get SOME buds off the plants instead of wasting them??
  9. I do 4weeks veg and 8/9 weeks flowering.
    Hope this helps. 
    But check your strain some need 8-12 weeks flowering.
    The basic rule of thumb is if your growing from seed, they need 6 weeks.
    You'll know when they are ready to flip. Just check out the other great grows from the GC!
    Good luck.
  10. I updated with pictures!!

    The two on the right will be my mothers, and the two on the left will be flowered tommorow!
  11. To early to tell, look for small white hairs, when you see them switch to 12 12
  12. I see them :)

    I have these girls vegging for 3 weeks.

    As I said, I am going to keep the two on the right for mothers. The two on the left I am going to start flowering tommorow :)

    Just as a side note, how does the actual set up look? We built it from the ground up with no blueprints or a guide to follow. I think we did pretty damn good xD

  13. I think your set up looks amazing, really cool man. :)
  14. Also the one's in the see through containers need to be duck taped or something, it's very bad when the roots are exposed to sun light.

  15. Ok cool, I'll get those taped up right away! Thanks for all the help guys, I feel SO much more intelligent now hahaha

    I made some mistakes the first time around (just like any noob! :p) but I think I'm really starting to get the hang of this! This is totally my new favorite hobby (obsession?)!

    Thanks again guys! :smoke:
  16. You should make a grow journal.
  17. I really dont know all the dates that I started everything, so I planned on making a grow journal the next time around. On second thought, maybe ill just start it tommorow when I switch to 12/12.

    Do you reccomend the dark period before flowering??

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