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When to Switch from 24/7 light to 18/6?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Piffsburghh, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Hey guys im actually about 2 days into a pc micro grow and i just have one quick question before i head to bed..

    When should i switch from the 24/7 light they have been gettin to the 18/6 lighting for Veg?

    The sprouts are about a inch tall now.

    Any input is appreciated thanks!

  2. Switch now at anytime. Won't be much of a difference to the seedling.
  3. ^^^^^^THAT^^^^^^

  4. thanks very much! will do!
  5. I switch em at this time as well once I can see those first serated leaves. I doubt it makes a difference though as others have suggested. It's just a habit of mine and I'm sure others do the same thing as well.
  6. what about leaving them on 24/7 until flowering? I'm doing that currently... hopefully it won't hurt them...?

  7. I'm on day 21 of my grow and I've had the lights on 24/7 and mine are doing great!!!

    What exactly does the 6 hours of darkness accomplish? From my understanding, the plants stretch a lot during the dark period while vegging... Is this not accurate information?
  8. OH! I should add that my plants are very compact. I started LST a few days ago because I could see new growth wanting to come out. They are flourishing too!

  9. I run mine 24 hours and I only use an hps all the way through veg and everything just depends on how much u wanna spend o electric. There's tons of debate as to whichis healthier, they say the most imPortant things happen at night.
  10. Yeah some people do veg in 24 hrs light until flower. I just think that the plants somehow like some down time for a few hours. Nothing to back this up mind you. I've ran my lights mostly with 18/6 and have switched to 24 hrs and haven't noticed any difference really.

    I didn't do a scientific trial or anythhing just my own observation.

  11. There's actually ons to back up what ur saying man but there's also tons of stuff backing up 24hrs as well lol typical. But I really think it's to each his own I see successful grows both ways.
  12. i was on 24/7 for awhile at the beginning of my veg. i switched to 20/4 to let the temps come down in my box and in hopes they would show their sex. About a week later I noticed 2 pistils at each node on my plant.:hello:

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