When to switch from 18/6 to 12/12?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jasper19, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. The more I read the more confused I get about when to switch from 18/6 to 12/12. Do I go by how many weeks since germination or by a indication from the plants? I can't seem to find a really clear explanation. Hoping to start my first grow in a few weeks in a gorilla tent with led's.
  2. You switch at 1/3 the height you ideally want it to be, just for space reasons, lighting etc

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  3. That's because there's plenty of wiggle room! Ways I've done it:
    Day 21 or 28 (after planting, not germ) right to 12/12.
    Day 28, stepping down one hour per week for 6 weeks.
    Many combinations in between!
    I do recommend going at least one or two half steps between 18 and 12 even if just for a day or two.
    Some people veg for a month. Some for two if they have the space and time.
    Hopefully you'll have the ability to try a few different ways and track the results.

    Spacewise Jayready's advice is perfect.

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  4. I agree with jay. Nothing sucks more than battling a plant too big for your tent. It will take atleast a month for the plant to mature before you can start flower but you can flower a clone whenever you want since they already reached maturity. Hope that makes sense
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  5. Thanks for the info. Its going to be in a 2x2.5 Gorilla and I figure to just germinate 3 seeds for the first attempt figuring one of them at least will be a male possibly. IF I screw it up that way its only a single plant or two.
    Im in process of ordering the seeds (Dr Atomic Northern Lights) and Im going to use the organic soil so its getting put together this week to cook for about 4 weeks. Setting up the closet now and will order the tent package next week.
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  6. You can switch whenever you want, just remember they will most likely double in size in the first 4-5 weeks of bloom....

    I personally top at 6th to 8th node, so I can lollipop if I want. Then I flip at about 6 weeks. I'm running DWC now, and vegging under lots of cfl, so it takes a little longer, but I can get several 16-20 bud producing branches in this time. I'm hoping to get some custom spectrum LEDs for veg soon, so I can get the same results in 3-4 weeks of veg.

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  7. Here's an example... this is a Sativa, I topped it last night. It is only 8" tall or so, and has 6 nodes. And most branches have started more branches... it is 2 weeks old.[​IMG]

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  8. depends on strain and any space requirements on your part.

    I like to grow plants about 3' tall so I like to flower at around 1.5' and most of my veg time is focused on widening out the canopy instead of vertical growth.
  9. what are your space requirements and how much light are you running?

    I would say to veg that for at least a few more weeks though.

    EDIT: I though u were op nice plant tho that looks very branchy and bushy for a sativa
  10. Ill also add that, in my experience with this strain, it will triple in height, messing up how high I hang my LED in my bloom tent. I will also NOT supercrop it again, as it makes it stretch even higher.

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  11. Looks very nice. Thanks for the info.
  12. A nice 8 week veg is hard to beat.

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  13. It's in a 2x2x5' tent. I'm using 4 x 6 watt 6500k cfl. I got this cool swivel thing for the bulbs so I am working on getting the lower branches to grow. Ill probably bloom this one in 2 more weeks, no matter how big or small it still is. I'm chopping in my bloom tent in 2 weeks so I'll put it in immediately after that.I have to keep it under 3' tall after stretch.


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  14. sounds about right for your timeline.

    good looking plant very healthy
  15. The newer grower you are the slower the plant might grow, it might take you a week or two longer to veg to same size as someone who's done it a hundred times causing less stress to plant, really you can switch whenever you want, the plant will flower when you tell it to, that's the joys of growing inside, if you let it grow too long it'll pre flower but no worries, some people start in like December growing inside then come spring put outdoors and grow insane huge plants, so it really depends on what you want, and the strain

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  16. I find it won't get 3 times taller, bushier probably but it's not gonna get 3 times taller, especially your strain

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