When to Stop or Reduce Cal-Mag

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  1. I am in the 6 of week flower. I had been feeding 1/16 tsp cal-mag each time I water but in week 5 I had a calcium deficiency. So, increased cal-mag to 1/8 tsp. Should I continue to feed at 1/8 tsp rate and when should I start decreasing or stopping cal-mag feed?

    I am growing three strains; Blue Dream, Kosher Kush, Skywalker OG. Blue Dream is a 9-10 week strain while Kosher Kush and Skywalker are 8-9 weeks.
  2. Good ? IDK :confused_2: when the plants don't get a + from it anymore??? With r o water, ever?
  3. Mag. Def is best seen as an old plant issue where the MgS04 runs out in the soil
    leaving the plant with distinctive marks on the leaves
    Calmag is the north 'mercian tonic to prevent this in Europe one uses Epsom salts

    best time to use is when flipping to flower, in most cases autos growers can and often flip out and play catch up on the next round when reusing their soils

    post pics and check this: How to fix Cannabis Magnesium Deficiency (Mg) Pics & Symptoms

    good luck
  4. Just noticed I'm in the coco coir forum - I need to pose this question in the organics.
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    If youre using chemical fertilizers, simply cut back on all nutrients the last 2 weeks of flowering. Otherwise, increase ALL nutrients by small amounts until the 2 week cut off date.

    Organics just make sure your soil has all the nutrients it needs to make your soil rich in all nutrients. The plant will take what it needs.

    I prefer getting my Magnesium from Epsom Salts. Especially in Clay soil, I would use Gypsum as my source or calcium.

    Or if I needed to change the PH, I would use a combination of Calcitic, and Dolomitic Lime for both my Calcium, and Magnesium sources. Calcitic obviously supplies calcium, and domomite supplies Magnesium.

    I would use 2/3 parts Calctic Lime, to 1/3 parts Dolomite. To much dolomite in clay soil will turn it to concrete.
    Also if possible, Id put some Promix BX mixed in my soil
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